Monday, December 15, 2008

bored at home?

here are some suggestions for our friends gathering.

who can join?-anyone from 5s1 08 or 4s1 07 of mgs ipoh
when?- not confirmed yet
where?-see options below

package 1

gua tempurung

  • Tour 1:RM6.00 -As you enter through the walkway on stilts over the cave river, you will see layers of white marble stone slabs and walls with different hues. Walking deeper to the dimmed showcase gallery, you will be struck by the beauty of the Golden Flowstone. Standing at a height of 90 metres, Golden Flowstone describes the sloping and wavering floor and wall of the cave which has a golden hue when water flows over it and illuminated by gentle light. Stalagmites and stalactites on walls and ceilings take various astounding sizes and shapes. Your eyes seem to play tricks on you when images of dolphin, jellyfish, tiger, lion, cow's head, seahorse, old man, Lord of Buddha and Zorro's eye come into view.

  • there are 3 more tours..for more info, go to

package 2

D.R Park

this one is for free. we may have pot luck there. i am afraid we cant cycle there unless u r willing to bring your own bike. however, you may still be able to play badminton. and and and, there's a mini japanese, we can take pics there geh.

package 3

Gunung Lang
first, we'll have to take this kind of boat as shown in the pic above to the recreation park.i forgot the boat fare but it is quite cheap, for sure.

this is the view of the park.
and btw,gunung lang is located at jalan kuala kangsar.

any comment?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

penang here i come!!

who?- yeesan, jamie, sokwai, eexin, kayee, jessica, zhihui, jiafoong, chin(sorry for the others)
when?-14th dec 2008 - 15th dec 2008
where?-penang island

staying at?- gurney park condo( located at gurney drive, can see the sea geh...)(24-hour security,3 bedrooms,got tennis court, swimming pool so, rmb bring your swimsuit)

suggested activities- when we reach penang, we'll leave our luggages at the apartment before going queensbay mall at lunchtime and meet our jamie jie there. i suppose we'll hangout at the mall for a while. and oh yea, a local band-R.E.Y will be there at 3 pm for promo tour. anyway, nobody cares. ermm.. we can leave at 4pm and then we'll go to the beach. i predict we'll reach there around 5pm.that's evening.not so sunny so, it's quite suitable for us to stroll along the seaside.hopefully it will be low tide so that we can go down to the beach. i am wondering should i bring a kite there. or a volleyball. after bath, we'll walk around gurney drive and eat,eat,eat..the next day, do wake up early if you wanna dip in the pool. i want lor. i hope someone is kind enough to teman me. hehe..:D..then , later after that, we can go gurney plaza..or maybe if u wanna go botanical garden. i am not sure whether it is located nearby. if it is, we can walk there. but, i know admission is free. anyway,we'll have to check out latest at 3pm because we'll need to reach the bus station as early as 4pm to buy the ticket back to ipoh. so, do bring enough money.prepare rm 20 for that. so yea, that's the suggestion . any comment? let's discuss maybe tonight or tomorrow.i'll be onlining till tomorrow evening and to be continued at night.(might be going jj at late evening, that's why..hehe..)

transportation- i suppose eexin's uncle will drive us to apartment. then maybe we'll take a bus to queensbay mall and back to apartment.(if rapid penang, the bus fare is rm 3 at most while the shuttle bus is free - i am not really sure about that btw) in gurney, i suggest to walk. it's free and does not trouble eexin's family .

what to bring?- 1)MONEY-make sure u pay me first before taking the bus ticket. those money will be my expenses for the travel.prepare rm18 for that. the ticket is rm 17.60 actually. so i'll return u guys 40 cents each. and and and , dont forget to pay rm 25 to eexin. 2)sunblock- i guess we'll walk a lot 3) camera 4)adequate clothes 5)Bath Accessory- towel,brush,toothpaste,shampoo etc 6)swinsuit 7) map? 8) medicine?

*reminder-be at the sri maju bus station , the one beside roundabout opposite shen jai private school 30 min before 8.45 am .

indeed,i hope we''ll have a ball there. :) lolx...

Sunday, December 7, 2008


ppl, those who bought the pin number from puan najwa to apply for the IPTA thing, please be reminded to apply now.. i know many ppl would have forgotten it (including me) so remember not to waste your rm10.60... apply before the dateline.. you still have 23 days to apply.. today is 8.12.2008 btw.. and it's dawn's birthday!!! *terkeluar tajuk pulak*
rmb oh, apply before tarikgh tutup!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

hari penghargaan 2008

or watch at

the actresses in this vid-me of course!, jamie, sokwai, lydia,audrey, eexin, teh, yian, jiafoong, yip, mayjet, sinyee, eepeng, siewfong,dawn,kayee,glenna,jessica,farah,yiwen(her hair) etc...(sorry if i miss out any)

do leave comment in youtube. it's alright if it troubles you.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

LOST and hopefully, found.

Okay, I'm super sorry for using this as a lost and found counter BUT did anybody took my pen drive accidentally????!!!!!!

Well, I really hope I can get that back ASAP because it has been missing for about 2 months.

But I'm pretty sure that I passed it to someone from our class.

SO yeah, I hope you can return my pen drive to me, because I really need it.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

all the best, Friends!! =)

hey wana use the class blog as a medium (lol) to wish all those whose exams are still on next week ALL THE BEST. iz seriously the last of the LAST for u guys. so All The Best n put in your all ler for this last 'leg' (anyone can correct me? iz the word alwiz used in amazing race.. lol).. of the race!!
let's see iz Prinsip Akaun on monday.
Prinsip Perakaunan 2 (3756/2) 2jam 30minit - 0800-1030
Prinsip Perakaunan 1 (3756/1) (aneka pilihan) 1 jam 15 minit - 1110-1225

so all the best to all those wana-be accountants on the loose and moz probably haunted with accounts for these last few days. by the looks of it, u all can do it geh lar.. u all worked so hard to cum this far.. i noe iz an eXtra subject for u all. so all the best..

especially to this girl by the name of Kanagambikai hu sits in front of me.. i support u the MOST. cuz i'm not worried bout the others at all.. they can do it.. BUT YOU LEH HOR.. alwiz not confident.. so hv more confidence and KILL your last paper wif your KILLER accounts skills.. hahaha =) muz ganbatte ooooo.. eh i support u leh.. dun jatuhkan my air muka ooooo.. MUST get A1 ok??? haha pressure u a bit..
next subject. tuesday - Ekonomi Asas
Ekonomi Asas 2 (3757/2) 2 jam - 0800-1000
Ekonomi Asas 1 (3757/1) (aneka pilihan) 1jam 15 minit - 1110-1225

hehe, dis wan, our class hu else take la, except the Genius hu dropped Physics.. dawn ong. haha so yea all the best to u too, bestie!! i din forget ur econs.. haha =) muz be easy kacang (term taught by bro) for u lar.. but muz be careful oooo.. dun think so much of ur 'plans' after ur paper 1 dat u cum out too fast.. LOL but leh mmg pressure la.. 3 invigilators : 1 student.. LOL

so yea.. this all the best post is just too LONG. guess wat?! i'm killing my time wif it.. so dun mind me..
last words (haha not dying yet)..

1) to the accountants, may your left-hand-side balance the right-hand-side (lol pardon me, duno the correct terms..) and may u all calculate those sums happily..

2) to the ahli ekonomi of the class.. may u glide thru ur exam easily ler.. duno much bout ekonomi asas too. but hope ur 'asas' is gud la..

3) and not to forget, to the rest of u like me, happy holidays!! =)

4) oh n wishing u all a be-earlied merdeka too
a) for the accountants, iz tuesday 01 december 2008, 1225 hours.
b) for the accountant cum ahli ekonomi, iz wednesday 02 december 2008, 1225 hours
lol the official times.. so happy happy merdeka luuuuuuuu....


signing out now,
-lydia- =)


Saturday, November 22, 2008


That hamster... it's too cute... for my brain to comprehend......

Thursday, November 13, 2008

!important: Potential SPM tips

Um.. if you have some free time, please help me. I'm on the verge of discovering important hints of what should have been behind SPM's damn objective answer scheme.

First of all I need the correct answers for math paper 1. I can't find them anywhere on net; probably because people have been taking modern math as the least of their worries. So I resort to this method commonly known as 'comparing answers' in order to get what I need.

These are my answers for math paper 1:

1. C 11. B 21. B 31. A
2. B 12. A 22. A 32. D
3. C 13. D 23. D 33. A
4. C 14. B 24. B 34. D
5. B 15. A 25. A 35. D
6. A 16. B 26. D 36. C
7. D 17. B 27. B 37. C
8. A 18. C 28. C 38. B
9. D 19. D 29. C 39. A
10.C 20. A 30. B 40. D

I'm sure you all are familiar with this method... same answer = most likely correct, different answers = one is 100% wrong. Tell me if you have different answers. I'll relook at the questions.

And the rational reason for wasting your time is - I speculate that the answer statistics for SPM objective papers are A: 10, B: 10, C: 10 and D: 10 (10 As, 10 Bs, 10 Cs, 10 Ds as answers for 40 questions). For Sejarah, the statistic is precisely 10 each, but I've got A: 10, B: 11, C: 9 and D: 10 for my mod math's stats. One question wrong maybe? That's what I thought.

Please please please help out! This time I ask for nothing but everyone's warm-hearted assistance. All I hope is for everyone to get full As. Please don't ignore me and make an idiot like me feel like an idiot. I just want to continue this pretence--which I'm oh so smart--happily until I die. Also maybe this applies to our science objective papers as well. Think of how many people we could help... ourselves later and SPM 2009 candidates next year. Let's do a good deed and secure our reservations in heaven XD

Thank you and have a nice day. Keep studying hard. Make your parents proud.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jawapan Soalan Objektif Sejarah Kertas 1 (Edited)

Note - Edited question 20. The answer should be C not A. I'm sorry, maaf, 抱歉, désolé, ごめん, enna mannichudu (Kana, is this correct in tamil?) and etc.

To those who are interested, here..

1. B 11. C 21. D 31. C
2. B 12. A 22. B 32. A
3. B 13. C 23. D 33. C
4. A 14. C 24. A 34. A
5. C 15. A 25. B 35. C
6. B 16. A 26. D 36. D
7. A 17. D 27. D 37. C
8. B 18. D 28. A 38. C
9. B 19. B 29. D 39. A
10.D 20. C 30. B 40. D

I quote this from the same blog that I got these answers from,
"Pelajar yg mendapat betil 26 ke atas...Biasanya akan mendapat 1A dan 2A, jika kertas dua juga mendapat markah 70 ke atas.."

Hope nobody cries... and that I'm the only one who cries =_=

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I so want a cat TT^TT

This treadmill is exactly the same as the one I have!

I couldn't stop laughing at this one!

*must... study...*

Friday, November 7, 2008

The net's killing me.

I covered 1 chapter of Sejarah and I still think I can survive on Tuesday. I shit thee not! See how screwed I am now?

I'm screwing you too with this stupid vid.

Note: You must have at least some otaku's knowledge to get it.

"Commodore 64" <-- best reference ever. (C64 is a totally outdated home computer with 64KB of RAM but was totally win way back in the past [best-selling desktop computer].)

"What is this picture? Is this a man or a woman?"
"It's Final Fantasy." (Sephiroth, is that you?)

"What's with all these zippers? No person should have this many zippers. I don't care what fantasy it is." (lol'd my ass off)

I'm thinking.. my dad's like that? XD

"Well, I'm gonna go get a hose--wet you down--'cause you're an idiot." (Epic...)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Neko neko nyan~

Is it true?

(The narrator's talking rubbish. He's just making things dramatic.)

Cat lovers (Tracy), don't sue me. I don't take this as a form of abusing. To me, it's fine as long as they remove the tape slowly without inflicting pain on the cat. More like cheeky teasing. Even if they did accidentally hurt it, so what!? It's not like this little pain will kill the cat or anything. Yeah I said it, now sue me to hell you sensitive jerks! Sometimes I do this kind of things to my dogs, humans... parents, brothers and you.

Monday, November 3, 2008

very energising....highly recommended!!!

When I first saw you I knew nothing's like it used to be Boy you have got to be the finest thing in history The way I feel inside is just so hard to understand You'd feed my appetite in ways I can't explain I'll eat you up (Your Love, Your Love) I'll eat you up (Your Love, Your Love) (Woah) I'll eat you up (Woah) So yum yum (Woah) Can't get enough (Woah oh oh) I think I'm in love If you move any closer boy there is no guarantee What I will do to you I fear it and it's scaring me Like I've become some kind of demon in the night You look so tasty I could eat you up alive

Friday, October 31, 2008

random pics (grad night)

the lame contestants for the grad (drag) queen thingy... the representatives from 5s1 were me [they're blind to choose me], eexin and lydia!!!! lol...

pity mr cheang, no one was there to take that cover away from

the only pic i have with puan ang and miss chong.. hehe

Friday, October 24, 2008



for lyrics----->


Shining Friends - Fiona Fung


little faith Brightens a rainy day  Life is difficult you can't go away  Don't hide yourselves in the corner  You have my place to stay  Sorrow is gonna say goodbye  Opens up You'll see the happy sunshine  Keep going on with your dream  Chasing tomorrow's sunrise  The spirit can never die  Sun will shine my friend Shining Friends  Won't let you cry my dear  Seeing you shed a tear  Make my world disappear  You'll never be alone in darkness  See my smile my friend  We are with you holding hands  You have got to believe  You are my destiny  We've meant to be your friends  That's what a friend should be


Thursday, September 25, 2008

I present thee... more crap!

Lately I'm so free that it makes your ol' grandpa and grandma feel busy. And because I like to slack from responsibilities to surf the internet for trash interesting stuff, I shall spam you:

Fast IQ testing:
IQ Test
There're only 20 questions, it takes 10-15 minutes to 'gau tiam'. And as you can see, I've 150 IQ, which is by the way considered 'exceptionally gifted' according the site's score guide. Surprised? I was kinda disappointed with the results though. 'Cause when I was younger I took one kiddy kiddy for-kids-only IQ test and scored 160. I was so happy back then. Oh well mature brain cells don't divide, only die. =,=

It was estimated that Mr. no-comb-messy-hair Einstein got 161, Mozart who succeeded in composing scores htat made experimental mice smarter than me (I do get lost in a maze) got 165, Mr. GaGa (Galileo Galilei) got 185 and Mr. Pascal who I hate now because of one person scored 195. There're more geniuses listed in that site. Check it out yourselves if interested. Please tell me if you got a higher score. I'll er.. respect you more a little and stop being bitchy like I always did and use less rebukes when communicating with you.

Also I took another more accurate and complicated IQ test, with time limit when answering questions. And my score is... 116. Alamak!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Best reminder ever

Can't resist playing computer? Try using this as desktop wallpaper. That's what I did. Still... it's useless against me. But it helped a bit... very tiny bit only. But but but it's better than none lol!

Stupid reminder:
lousy art
(Click image twice for wallpaper size)
Note: I don't border cleaning the bottom part 'cause it's covered by the taskbar when set as wallpaper.

Feel free to steal this picture if you are facing the same problem as I am and think this lousy piece of trash's worth stealing. Just edit the self-torture list and write your own list of to-do things (self-torture is my way of making things sound pathetic).


Yes I have nothing better to do.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Break Time!

Well not considered a break for me since erm... I CAN'T have a break 'cause.. erm... there's no break for me to take see..... (voice: Junni admits that she haven't start studying) *cries* I'LL 100% START TOMORROW LA!!

----------------------------- enlightenment ----------------------------
(Um, image too small, can't do anything 'bout it, blame layout setting. Click picture for bigger view [i.e. if you have lots of time and good internet connection])

City lights from around the World





Niagara Falls

Toronto width="420" border="0" alt="Photobucket">


Las Vegas


Los Angeles








Cologne Cathedral

Kuala Lumpur
Oops sorry......nothing to see, TNB cut off power supply....


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pollen Tubes

Kinda sad cuz we din do this experiment in class so I thought i'd post some awesome vids of pollen germinating from youtube 4 y'all to see. :D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

8 on the run for the title of "next top model"

Scenario : a bunch of “nothing-betta-to-do” was at the seaside. The wind was blowing towards them. (plz imagine the wind howling LOL)They were obviously enjoying themselves, having a WHALE of a time. Perhaps.. perhaps they were waiting for their turn for the audition of the GB-senior-next-top-model.. Evryone of them was busy with their own agenda. Kindly read on to know wat they are doing.

NOTE : ENLARGE the PIC to enjoy it n understand it truly. (left to right)

Model 01: (praying) may the lord bless all of them. I duno wat they’re doing. No eye see.

Model 02: (happily dreaming) the wind’s so cooling. But I’m feeling itchy all over. Erm zhihui, wud u mind? My hands are occupied..

Model 03: sure, no prob. Err.. here izit? I can’t see, u noe. Some sand got into my eyes. Eh, r u on my left or on my right? (stretches out two hands)

Model 04: come join us. (hand gestures, smiles her polite n caring smile) Don’t shy shy. Nothing geh. We wont eat u wan..

Model 05: ah, iz about time.. nah I din bluff u. u see, the wind’s really blowing. Now, the next wind will be.... (busy counting)

Model 06: I dun get it. How she count ar? Gt formula isit. U ar, dun so secretive lar. How u count? I headache aledy. (note the hand at the forehead..)

Model 07 : haha u no need to care about her geh lar. She oso siao geh (points at jessica). Let her count herself lar. The wind. Ahhhh.. so cooling. Can u smell my new shampoo? (hand at the hair)

Model 08 : hahahahaha (caught in the mid of trying to cover her evil laugh) go on ppl. Act natural. [Monolog: bet u all duno my sis is taking the pic, wakakakakakaka]

Model 06’s bottle : (in squeaky non-human voice, almost in tears) how come all of u are so tall? Iz not fair!!!! I wana be tall too… [cries loudly now]..

Lol dats all lar.. crazy eh.. haha sokwai’s blog entry inspired me to type this.. so u all can thank or scold her. The choice is yours.. I refuse to take any blame or responsibility.. kekekekeke =PPP haha I’m enjoying every minute of it!!! WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!! =P

DISCLAIMER : this is a piece of fiction by yours truly. Copyrights reserved. =P

Hope u had a good laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine.


Have a good day ahead!!


Friday, July 11, 2008

late to the party

Speech Day
What's better than being greeted by 2 girls?

Ee xin and Glenna!

(note: what is ee xin doing?? hint: look at her hand placement..haha)

Pretty girls with loads of trophies..

Jamie is so heavy..

Piled up

For ka yee (imagines ee xin rolling her eyes)


Caged in..

The many faces of ee xin when she's annoyed

Take 1

Take 2

Close up shot

The last look of annoyance

Don't i just love to annoy her???

Jia Foong and Rena riding off into the sunset...

My group - break point (we got 3rd!)

Bored people (just notice..we all have nice legs..haha)

Chicken dance starring ee xin and pn ang

Zhi Hui and glenna doing the ostrich dance..

with the kids

Last lunch at camp

Jia Foong tidur-ing (from a diff angle)