Sunday, December 30, 2007

New year's special =)

since tmr is 1th january of the year of the rat, i hav something special for everyone. BEHOLD... all students' worst nightmare.. a TEST!! YES! 2007's final exam's kinda 'short', agree? no? chill, this 'test' i'm about to show you all is NOT a test of biology, chemistry, bla bla bla (damn! y do we hav so many subjects), it's..... a test for idiocy!

Test for Idiocy
Below are four (4 )
questions and a bonus
question. You have
to answer them
instantly. You can't
take your time,
answer all of them
immediately . OK?
Let's find out just
how clever you really

Ready? GO!!!

First Question:
You are participating
in a race. You
overtake the second
person. What position
are you in?

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Answer: If you answered
that you are first,
then you are absolutely
wrong! If you
overtake the second
person, you take
his place, so you
are second!
Try not to screw
up next time. Now
answer the second
question,but don't
take as much time
as you took for
the first one, OK ?
Second Question: If
you overtake the
last person, then
you are...?

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Answer: If you
answered that you
are second to
last, then you
are wrong again.
Tell me, how can
you overtake the
LAST Person?
You're not very
good at this,
are you?

Third Question:
Very tricky
arithmetic! Note:
This must be done
in your head only.
Do NOT use paper
and pencil or a
calculator. Try it.

Take 1000 and
add 40 to it..
Now add another
1000. Now add 30.
Add another 1000.
Now add 20.
Now add another
1000 Now add 10.
What is the total?

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
Did you get 5000?
The correct answer
is actually 4100.

If you don't
believe it, check
it with a calculator!
Today is definitely
not your day,
is it? Maybe you'll
get the last
question right....

Fourth Question:
Mary's father has
five daughters: 1.
Nana, 2. Nene,
3. Nini, 4. Nono.
What is the ! name
of the fifth

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Did you Answer Nunu?
NO! Of course it
isn't. Her name
is Mary. Read
the question again!

Okay, now the
bonus round:
A mute person
goes into a shop
and wants to buy
a toothbrush. By
imitating the action
of brushing his
teeth he successfully
expresses himself to
the shopkeeper and
the purchase is done.
Next, a blind man
comes into the
shop who wants
to buy a pair of
sunglasses; how
does HE indicate
what he wants?

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

He just has to
open his mouth
and ask... It's
really very simple...
Like you!
neat har? so now you know how stupid you are. dun worry, i'm quite a dumbass myself =.=
anyway happy year of the rat! squeak squeak. say.. come to think of it, lately a family of rats invaded my house. they ate my precious packet of grape-flavoured jell-o. curses!! i was saving the best for the last. WTF

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007


Since the blog is quite dead i figured i should just put something up so that this blog won't be extinct anymore..haha..

It's the hols now so i've been watching quite a lot of movies..most of them through illegal means (shh..) so i'll just give you a run through on what to watch and what NOT to watch. But all of this is IMHO of course. One man's meat may be another man's poison, so they say.

Mr. and Mr. Smith

So what happens when husband and wife shoot a movie together (not sure whether they were already married then)? There's definitely a lot of chemistry between these two. For obvious reasons this movie is nice to watch as the sexiest man and woman are playing the leads. Not much of a plot though. Lot's of bombs and explosives and knives. But yeah, a feel good movie to watch. I give 3/5 stars,


At first I didn't want to watch this show. After all, it was all about robots, machinery, etc..not my kind of thing. But then this movie started to get rave reviews from everyone who watched it. So i went with my dad to catch it in the cinema. WOW. It's was good. Lot's of action and even funny at some parts. It's kinda like ageeks rule movie. So if you're thinking geeks are uncool, think again. Micheal Bay certainly did a great job with this movie. Highly recommended4 1/2 stars. And oh yeah, those who missed it on the big screen, poor you. It's so much better in the cinema.


Thanks to Mayjet for the DVD! (return it to you soon). So basically it's musical. I won't give out much details here. It's colourful, fun, vibrant. Singing, dancing is good, except for the duet between Edna Turnblad (John Travolta) and 'her' husband, Wilbur Turnblad 'Christopher Walken'. The duet was weird..haha..not sure how to describe it la. It's not a really funny film la, just lots of singing and dancing and the serious issue of racial inequality. Newcomer Nikki Blonsly as Tracy Turnblad, the main character is pretty impressive. Zac Efron is better in this movie than in the HSM movies. James Marsden..his singing is not bad man, who would have known the Cyclops in X-Men could sing? So how high would i rate this movie? 4 Stars, if there was such a thing.


The latest movie to hit our shores as of 4th of December. I guess the main attraction of the film was Patrick Dempsey, the guy on the right of Grey's Anatomy fame. Apparently, most of the bystanders during the filming were shouting out his name. So what do i think of it? It's fun, feel good, and this movie makes you so sick of love (right Zhi Hui). It has the cartoon element mixed with the reality of life. Snow white, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella all thrown into the mix. This movie wouldn't be Disney if they didn't have singing or dancing right? So there are a few parts of singing and dancing, i esp like the part when this whole big group dance and sing in the middle of central park. Susan Sarandon plays the evil queen and she's pretty good. James Marsden is the bumbling self-obsessed prince, who also sings in this movie. Timothy Spall is Nathaniel, the Queen's sidekick, who is so darn resourceful. I guess employment in New York is easy peasy. No qualification also can work as waiter, taxi driver, sell apples at Central Park. Oh well..disney movie right. Amy Adams as Giselle, the super naive princess is delightful. And oh yeah, Patrick Demspey as the serious lawyer is really appropriate. Interesting way of calling the animals too. Highly recommended for the holiday season. 4 1/2 stars. And oh, did i mention this movie was funny too?

Here's the scene at Central Park:

National Treasure

Okay i admit. Before Enchanted, there's usually lots of trailers. Then the sequel for National Treasure- Book of Secrets came on. It seemed so cool and fast moving so when i went home i pulled out this DVD to watch. The movie is so intriguing, smart and also there's some element of comedy. Can't say that the idea of hidden treasure is purely original but hey, I think this movie is quite watchable. Nicholas Cage plays Ben Gates, the super smart guy who can solve all the clues. Haha. His assistant, Riley Poole played by Justin Bartha provides the funny comments etc. Plus he's cute. HAHA. So why don't you give this movie a try? Then after that we all can watch the sequel together eh?? 4/5 stars.

Sequel of National Treasure (National Treasure- Book of Secrets)

Here's the trailer if you're interested:

What NOT to watch will be coming soon.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

book review 1

i just scrolled down and saw yeesan's pics posted by yeesan....and i realised she showed the 'peace' sign near her face in EVERY pic...hahaha...

nway, back to the main topic...this is not a class thing..i dunno why i'm posting it here....but yeah...i am re-reading THE MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER by KIM EDWARDS....*it's been in the bestseller's list for like weeks..*..oh, before i continue....if any of you saw the book that audrey brought to school, that stephen king book....sometimes, it made me wonder "why in the world is the name of the author taking 3/4 of the front cover...??and the title is like crammed into a 'corner' of the cover....

i talked bout the book before, i think...and lydia was supposed to lend it next...but i'll wait till she returns my other book...*hint*..nway, yea..i'll give the book a rating of 9 out of 10...yea...
it's a novel about the life of a broken family...and sometimes, it really touches the soul...the way he describes life....and it's like he'll be able to put into words what you've been thinking all, it's like finding someone who is on the same wavelength....this book always manage to get me feeling a lil seeing all their lives, falling apart...mebb it's just me, too absorbed in the characters...there's this character also...PAUL...he's the son'll just fall in love with him...he's a teenager in the story...and yea...

here's an extract from the story...i dunno if it's legal...
"Let's stay focused here," David said at last. "You don't need to worry about your mother and me. That's not your job. Your job is to find your way in the world. To use all your many gifts. And it can't all be for yourself. You have to give something back. That's why I do that clinic work."
"I love music," Paul said softly. "When I play, I feel like I'm doing that- giving something back."
"And you are. You are. But Paul, what if you have it in you to discover, say, another element in the universe. What if you could discover the cure for some rare and awful disease?"
"Your dreams," Paul said. "Yours, not mine."
*David is Paul's dad..guess it's pretty obvious...*

see??..sometimes, what is portrayed in the book is so true...and it kinda reflects my life...which is why i'm so drawn to the book, i's a nice change to see someone who finally understands your life and have gone through your life...even though he's fictional..hahaha...the plot is also not those cliche-d kind....those kind that's always " happily ever after..." ...bleaahhh... nonsense...and that's why children are so innocent...

ps. so, lydia...rmb to return my book the next time we meet..and i'll lend you this wan...i'm finishing already...jaga baik2 oo cz most of my books have slept beside me on my bed before *seriously*...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

attention / help / red alert / urgent / plz read

this is lydia. i juz wanted to know if anyone mistook my Form 4 Chemistry Textbook!!!

this is reali urgent & not play play..

especially to those hu returned their textbook, i noe u all wud not bother to check.. so here i wud lk to plead all those hu read this post to at least check for a while to make sure..

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaasssee n thank yooou for doing so.. i'm reali worried about my textbook now! i duno whether i left in in skul cuz i called chin but she said there's no txtbook around during gotong royong.. haiz!

i searched evry possible nook n cranny in my hse. n even spring cleaned my room today. but thr is no trace, not a single clue to my dark purple textbook!! arrrrrrrrrrrgh.. i'm going mad. i called jessica (even tho i noe iz impossible) n true enuf she din take. my onli bet now is hoping dats iz wif darshini.. i cant get her cuz iz late dy or mebbe she off her hp.. aih, when will she pick up d phone? i'll hv to try again in next day..

aiyooooooooooo.. i reali hope dat my book is safe wif sum1 lar. i duno lar. i sked the f1 throw my book or gave it to the spbt room.. or did sum1 took my book instead to return to the spbt room??? btw, which form1 class did we shared our class wif? i hope not.. * head down *

so if u read this post.. i hope dat u can kindly reply yes or no in the comment (not the chatbox!!) so dat i can cross u all out from the class list to narrow dwn my hunt.. again, i wud lk to say please n thank you.. sorry too cuz menyusahkan u all..

i reali thank all of u for ur cooperation!! sorry for taking up space in the class blog but i'm reali desperate.. worried lk mad!!

so, where lar is dat textbook???????? anyway happy holidays to all of u. (tho mine din begin wif a happy note) HAIZ!!!!! find until i gila dy. i find again n again..

* please reply in the comment box whether u hv it or not!! i reali need to noe.. =( i'm worried sick!! can wakil those hu din online oso..
oh yea btw my chem textbook dun hv name (i think..) & it has lot of contengan (the pages look dirty) the book is also not wrapped..
reali hope to see 33 names in the reply.. (altho iz impossible) *head down*

anyway thanx again for checking n spending ur time for reading dis.. happy hols!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Goodbye Form 4 life!!

Well, as we ALL know, today's the last day of school. Man, I'm seriously going to miss the good ol' days. Anyway, here are the pics..

Ee Xin, the big dai lou (haha..rmb this??) I must really thank her for her support and help throughout this year. I really appreciate it!! Zhi Hui said that I can't live without her..and well, I guess I have to agree (slightly!). Got to know her much much better this year and yeah, I've learnt a lot from her, namely how to be VERY VERY perasan..

The many faces of jia foong..

Flying kung fu style

Finally got her to take a decent picture..


Headache ad..

Our last day of the year in the canteen...

Dawn and Ka Yee and Chin were getting all the free stuff from the canteen funny, buy one, free 3?? madness..but anyway, good also la cz i got free food..

Had extra recess time because we accidentally (serious!) came out spent some time taking pics!

Another one..


Another 4s1 mishap, the broom head came off..

Fireman Zhi Hui

After gotong-royong

Storytelling time

What do you call those pencerita in the wayang kulit ah? Ka Yee was exactly like one..haha

Whatla Dawn going to Science 4

Haha..with my deskmate..LYDIA PANG KAI TSAN!! Thanks for bearing with me and listening to all my complaints (i know i grumble a lot). Miss those times where we'll criticize things behind the Sej textbook while listening to teacher. All the jokes and the laughter that we shared. Sometimes it's nice sitting next to you because i don't have to feel so guilty for finishing my work late cz there's always someone who will finish it later than me!! Well, didn't expect to sit with you this year but yeah, glad everything turned out quite well eh? Looking forward to sitting beside you next year.

Part of 4s1

*suddenly misses Queen of Eggville*,,,, last day of school is here..some will say "finally!!!..."..some will sigh...some cry...some will not want to leave school...blah...blah..blah...

my last day of school was pretty normal, nothing spectacular....went on errands with jessica...sat down to chat in class...gotong-royong cleaning the just appeared to be like any other day...except that it is is the last day of school for 2007 Form Four...a day which will not repeat itself again...lots of changes going to occur next year....and i'll have to say BYE BYE to Form Four fast is that???...i dunno....*shrugs*

anyway...DAWN is going to 5 Science 4 next year....*what the @#$@??*...that was my reaction at first...but i guess we'll have to understand...she wants to drop physics, pick up accounts...and that's the only way...told ya life is never gonna be the same next year....PHUIYAN is going to 5 Science 2....*worries about her...*..that was my reaction...i hope she'll find better friends who will always support her there...but we're still here....i've wanted to say this for quite some phuiyan "if any of those science 2 ppl bully or look down on you, tell us..."..i'll show them *flexes muscle*...don't can always run over and say hello to us next'll be quite hard for dawn, though...but we'll see...

and sor KAHMUN is going to Virginia, America....most probably...and the thing she was most worried about is her COMICS...*throws shoe at her*...okokok...i made her promise to inform us first before she is leaving...cos' quite a lot of stuff was unsettled, i believe...tat sor por...i'll miss her terribly if she'll be hard to keep in touch....what with the miles and miles of land and sea between us...

and well..i've forgotten what i wanna say...*i'm REALLY getting old!!"......................................
oh,yeah....i believe changing classes is not everything * i contradicting myself??*...and well, we can't really depend so much on the same bunch of people...though of course, it's good to have friends around you....and year's gonna be really hectic...but my lazy self will probably relax and unwind till like a month before exam...???..unless forced, of course....but i'm still looking forward to our new class environment...and the loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnng *ok..maybe not so long*....but still...u get the's just like five hours into the loooooooooooonnnnng holidays and i'm bored already...*glances at the Windows Live Messenger*...why nobody online wan??????!!!!

ps. *sighs*...this blog will go on next year, right???...i mean, even though we are in different classes already....i seriously hope we can keep it active....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

last day of school 2007

kahmun,don't go!the 4s1 next top model finalists..haha..

dawn is going to other class d
look at chin !

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another class party pictorial

More class party pics here, but some are redundant so sorry about that.

The first thing that caught me eye was this pic below. As a kid, I simply loved to waste food simply because my stomach is the size of microorganism. Okay, maybe not that small but you get the idea. So when I see these kind of signs, well I get a little nervous..

Wacky signs rule the day..i like the please be civilized thing, maybe they should have put one in the dining room for us 4s1-ers instead of only the toilet cubicle.

Some people started taking desserts (you know who you are) before even starting the steamboat..come on..where is the sense of protocol??

More raw food waiting to be cooked!!

May Jet's famous pose

Getting started

I like the look of raw meat..don't ask me why..haha

May Jet and Phui Yan taking on the cooking duties..

Tracy's cooking lesson

Eating french fries with chopsticks??

Aiyo..wherever 4s1 goes..sure something get broken..haha (hint: see the kuiz pelancongan post)

The constipated look

Yip proudly showing what she's eating..yum

Everyone is done eating but some people still persevere..

Zhi Ying devouring crab i think..

Aiyo..people class party still want to kutip hutang?? (overly rajin ah long)

Lydia loves lobsters..(esp when they are in the cooking pot)

Tracy said that what they did to the fish is cruel..and i well have to agree with her although it looks kinda unique.

Who do you think will get the job? Lydia or May Jet?

Told you there were wacky signs all over this place..

Double trouble (okay i know this is cheesy)

Let's see who has the dirtiest table..contestant no. 1!!

Table 2 is not that dirty la..haha

The cleanest table of the three!

Getting ready to take pictures..

Audrey and her gadgets..

Jia Foong being tall for once..haha