Saturday, November 17, 2007

attention / help / red alert / urgent / plz read

this is lydia. i juz wanted to know if anyone mistook my Form 4 Chemistry Textbook!!!

this is reali urgent & not play play..

especially to those hu returned their textbook, i noe u all wud not bother to check.. so here i wud lk to plead all those hu read this post to at least check for a while to make sure..

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaasssee n thank yooou for doing so.. i'm reali worried about my textbook now! i duno whether i left in in skul cuz i called chin but she said there's no txtbook around during gotong royong.. haiz!

i searched evry possible nook n cranny in my hse. n even spring cleaned my room today. but thr is no trace, not a single clue to my dark purple textbook!! arrrrrrrrrrrgh.. i'm going mad. i called jessica (even tho i noe iz impossible) n true enuf she din take. my onli bet now is hoping dats iz wif darshini.. i cant get her cuz iz late dy or mebbe she off her hp.. aih, when will she pick up d phone? i'll hv to try again in next day..

aiyooooooooooo.. i reali hope dat my book is safe wif sum1 lar. i duno lar. i sked the f1 throw my book or gave it to the spbt room.. or did sum1 took my book instead to return to the spbt room??? btw, which form1 class did we shared our class wif? i hope not.. * head down *

so if u read this post.. i hope dat u can kindly reply yes or no in the comment (not the chatbox!!) so dat i can cross u all out from the class list to narrow dwn my hunt.. again, i wud lk to say please n thank you.. sorry too cuz menyusahkan u all..

i reali thank all of u for ur cooperation!! sorry for taking up space in the class blog but i'm reali desperate.. worried lk mad!!

so, where lar is dat textbook???????? anyway happy holidays to all of u. (tho mine din begin wif a happy note) HAIZ!!!!! find until i gila dy. i find again n again..

* please reply in the comment box whether u hv it or not!! i reali need to noe.. =( i'm worried sick!! can wakil those hu din online oso..
oh yea btw my chem textbook dun hv name (i think..) & it has lot of contengan (the pages look dirty) the book is also not wrapped..
reali hope to see 33 names in the reply.. (altho iz impossible) *head down*

anyway thanx again for checking n spending ur time for reading dis.. happy hols!


Anonymous said...

Is not with Foong Vai.

Jess said...

As you said..not w me..hope you'll find it man..

lydia said...

aih after a series of phone calls, iz not wif nazreen, darshini, fadhilah n aliyaa too. zhihui oso dun hv. dats another 5 ppl.. anyway i lost hope dy.. cz the first row ppl dun hv means reali dun hv i think.. mebbe those ppl sitting near zhihui gua..

n i dun think iz wif cherish, khar yee, kityee, kahmun, n kana too.. means 12 ppl dwn..

i oso duno how it got lost.. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGH i'm going mad!

eexin said...

not with me...i checked..but i think u better call jiafoong...big chance of it being with her...and she sumore so u spent ur last days in skul at our place,rmb???or mebb joanna??

lydia said...

dats y i say around zhihui's area.. mmm mebbe i shud call jiafoong cuz she seldom online. oh yea mebbe jo oso.. okok thx to all of u!

Anonymous said...

sorry. i din c it.
-pooi wan-

sokwai said...

i guess that you knew that it's not with me either...good luck finding it....
*or mebbe you've found it cuz aku sudah lama tak on9....hehe ganbatte!!!!!

lydia said...

oh yea thx evry1 for coming to the comment box.. i found the book! its with jamie!! lol so, thank you for taking the time!!

happy hols =)

mei ching said...

Not wth me

mei ching said...