Tuesday, February 20, 2007

more pics from the prefect's installation day

hey people!! these are the pics from the installation day..i sincerely apologise the constant appearance of my face in all the pics..(except the flower one)

lydia the flower pic is for ya!!!

didn't know it was such a pain to put up pics..waited so long..urrghh.. anyway, school's tmr!! so make the most out of today!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Title-less post XD

Hoho... this is Tracy.

So I finally got d invitation. Thanks Ah Jet! :P

I have no idea what to post here (yet!) so here are a few piccies.


Friday, February 16, 2007

an outdated post (very outdated!) > farewell 'party' for our two pals

ailso we had a lil party for our two frenz Farhana n Nazreen cuz one's going to MRSM Perlis n the other MRSM Lenggong.. hope i got it rite.. anywayz we were waiting for farhana to cum bac to class after installation n were almoz half-dead tergoda oleh kek yohan yg box-nya kelihatan amat besar dan menarik perhatian.. lol, too bad pn wan wasn't there when we cut the cake n bid farewell to them. it was a fun moment yet sad (for me lar- i duno bout u all) our cake has two miserable unlit candle n chin was asking them to pretend they're lit n asked them to blow them.. haha farny.. oh yea we managed to coax farhana to make a short speech. but nazreen was a lil shy.. hehe =) zhi hui said nazreen was quite shy but shy until very 'cool'! (get it?!) anyway, after much fuss (candles, cameras, speeches n stuffs) the cake was finally cut n evry1 got their share, thanx to our monitor chin see mun. some greedy souls lk me had two helpings lol!! actuali i had four helpings.. i cleared the leftovers n even prevented jiafoong from touching the leftovers.. hehe! while evry1 was busy taking pictures.. i was busy finishing the cake.. haha! sorry about me eating the cakes dat part.. lemme continue, so dat was our lil party for them.. in our 4s1 way! think the party was rather cute.. we have our monitor n ast. monitor to thank!! (applause please!) lol in my opinion i think losing farhana n nazreen to the mrsm-s is such a lost to us.. well i'm sure we'll still alwiz rmb them n they are alwiz WELCOMED to visit this class blog.. after all they will alwiz be part of mgs 4sc1 2007 jek.. we rock, don't we? btw hapy hols n happy cny to all of yea!

FARHANA n NAZREEN u two betta visit us when u're free.. but plz dun sengaja chooz those exam days.. veli stress u noe.. hehe!

p/s: can any1 post some pics to supplement this post? hehe *wink* dull lar this post..
btw plz bear wif me for writing so long.. i hope no one will curse me or this entry lar.. lol

miss longwinded, =) -lydia-

Thursday, February 15, 2007


hey peeps!!!! y still no one posting despite me nagging all e way ehh??? i dun care larrr must post larr at least during CNY break k?? cause this blog will end up being another chuah-may-jet-blog just like e others that i made for my AMC class n my church... hahaha n i end up deleting.... oh wellll i seriously DUN WANT THAT TO HAPPEN.... hehehe =) post k ppl??

anyways, CNY brreaaaakkk!!!!!!!!!!!! i can'ttttttttttttt waittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ so where u guys going?? i won't be around larr so cannot go visit every single one of yr hses n get MORE ang pauss... hehehe anywayss junni y u take away e YMCA thingy... i liked that police man larrr....

oh yes.... i'm starting to LOVE MGS.... heheheheh!!! good news? or bad?? hmmmmmm... bad for AMC i guess.... lol

Sunday, February 4, 2007


this is cool and it's better than YMCA nia... =)

*note: this is not my idea, it's tracy's. if you wish to express your dissatisfaction, please exclude me and contact tracy =P