Monday, June 22, 2009

Hari Anugerah

Anyone going for Hari Anugerah on 11th July??? Go please!! It's a Saturday and I wanna meet up with you guys!!! Skip all lessons and meetings... ^^

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Something random

Well, i just feel like posting something here since everyone is everywhere now...

Kanagambikai - ACS
Zhi Ying - JPA Australia
Lydia - Pahang Matrics
Jessica - Australia
Audrey - Taylor's
May Jet - Australia
Ee Xin - going for JPA
Ka Yee - Singapore
Me - trapped in form 6 too
Zhi Hui - sufferring in Matrics Melaka
Stephanie - Matrics Pahang
Qi Yen - going Sunway College KL
Mei Ching - at UTAR but heard that she wants to enrol into form 6
Jamie - INTI Subang
Yee San - form 6 acs (she's now the assistant monitor of the class =D)
Jia Foong - UTAR Kampar
Glenna - HELP
Tracy & Junni - ACS (forming their Lala Land in the class next to mine)
Dawn - Taylor's
Cherish - ACS juga...
Lim - in UTP with Yip right?
Chin - going to intec under jpa soon
Yip - UTP la.. future engineer
Siew yoke - INTI Nilai
Fadhilah - Matrics Penang.. (I'M SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!) might be going soon as she got JPA...
Nazreen - dunno.. but she got JPA too...
Kah Mun - same class with me, so what you think?
Kit Yee - Singapore
Florence & Ming Ru & Chih Yan & Siew Fong - ACS
Kar Kheng - UTAR (as what foong vai mentioned)
Phui Yan - INTI Nilai

if there's any mistake, correct me ya.. any incomplete info, add in on your own.. xD