Monday, December 15, 2008

bored at home?

here are some suggestions for our friends gathering.

who can join?-anyone from 5s1 08 or 4s1 07 of mgs ipoh
when?- not confirmed yet
where?-see options below

package 1

gua tempurung

  • Tour 1:RM6.00 -As you enter through the walkway on stilts over the cave river, you will see layers of white marble stone slabs and walls with different hues. Walking deeper to the dimmed showcase gallery, you will be struck by the beauty of the Golden Flowstone. Standing at a height of 90 metres, Golden Flowstone describes the sloping and wavering floor and wall of the cave which has a golden hue when water flows over it and illuminated by gentle light. Stalagmites and stalactites on walls and ceilings take various astounding sizes and shapes. Your eyes seem to play tricks on you when images of dolphin, jellyfish, tiger, lion, cow's head, seahorse, old man, Lord of Buddha and Zorro's eye come into view.

  • there are 3 more tours..for more info, go to

package 2

D.R Park

this one is for free. we may have pot luck there. i am afraid we cant cycle there unless u r willing to bring your own bike. however, you may still be able to play badminton. and and and, there's a mini japanese, we can take pics there geh.

package 3

Gunung Lang
first, we'll have to take this kind of boat as shown in the pic above to the recreation park.i forgot the boat fare but it is quite cheap, for sure.

this is the view of the park.
and btw,gunung lang is located at jalan kuala kangsar.

any comment?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

penang here i come!!

who?- yeesan, jamie, sokwai, eexin, kayee, jessica, zhihui, jiafoong, chin(sorry for the others)
when?-14th dec 2008 - 15th dec 2008
where?-penang island

staying at?- gurney park condo( located at gurney drive, can see the sea geh...)(24-hour security,3 bedrooms,got tennis court, swimming pool so, rmb bring your swimsuit)

suggested activities- when we reach penang, we'll leave our luggages at the apartment before going queensbay mall at lunchtime and meet our jamie jie there. i suppose we'll hangout at the mall for a while. and oh yea, a local band-R.E.Y will be there at 3 pm for promo tour. anyway, nobody cares. ermm.. we can leave at 4pm and then we'll go to the beach. i predict we'll reach there around 5pm.that's evening.not so sunny so, it's quite suitable for us to stroll along the seaside.hopefully it will be low tide so that we can go down to the beach. i am wondering should i bring a kite there. or a volleyball. after bath, we'll walk around gurney drive and eat,eat,eat..the next day, do wake up early if you wanna dip in the pool. i want lor. i hope someone is kind enough to teman me. hehe..:D..then , later after that, we can go gurney plaza..or maybe if u wanna go botanical garden. i am not sure whether it is located nearby. if it is, we can walk there. but, i know admission is free. anyway,we'll have to check out latest at 3pm because we'll need to reach the bus station as early as 4pm to buy the ticket back to ipoh. so, do bring enough money.prepare rm 20 for that. so yea, that's the suggestion . any comment? let's discuss maybe tonight or tomorrow.i'll be onlining till tomorrow evening and to be continued at night.(might be going jj at late evening, that's why..hehe..)

transportation- i suppose eexin's uncle will drive us to apartment. then maybe we'll take a bus to queensbay mall and back to apartment.(if rapid penang, the bus fare is rm 3 at most while the shuttle bus is free - i am not really sure about that btw) in gurney, i suggest to walk. it's free and does not trouble eexin's family .

what to bring?- 1)MONEY-make sure u pay me first before taking the bus ticket. those money will be my expenses for the travel.prepare rm18 for that. the ticket is rm 17.60 actually. so i'll return u guys 40 cents each. and and and , dont forget to pay rm 25 to eexin. 2)sunblock- i guess we'll walk a lot 3) camera 4)adequate clothes 5)Bath Accessory- towel,brush,toothpaste,shampoo etc 6)swinsuit 7) map? 8) medicine?

*reminder-be at the sri maju bus station , the one beside roundabout opposite shen jai private school 30 min before 8.45 am .

indeed,i hope we''ll have a ball there. :) lolx...

Sunday, December 7, 2008


ppl, those who bought the pin number from puan najwa to apply for the IPTA thing, please be reminded to apply now.. i know many ppl would have forgotten it (including me) so remember not to waste your rm10.60... apply before the dateline.. you still have 23 days to apply.. today is 8.12.2008 btw.. and it's dawn's birthday!!! *terkeluar tajuk pulak*
rmb oh, apply before tarikgh tutup!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

hari penghargaan 2008

or watch at

the actresses in this vid-me of course!, jamie, sokwai, lydia,audrey, eexin, teh, yian, jiafoong, yip, mayjet, sinyee, eepeng, siewfong,dawn,kayee,glenna,jessica,farah,yiwen(her hair) etc...(sorry if i miss out any)

do leave comment in youtube. it's alright if it troubles you.