Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So (I'm trying not to start with the word okay) was well..okay for me la...nothing really interesting..just that my legs are aching now..haha..tak sangka i so unfit eh? my dancing confidence level is upped by well 5% so that kinda makes it over 35% i guess..really crossing my fingers and hoping i would do okay on THE REAL DAY. The prospect of screwing up is scary. The only thing i have to do now is get my timing right for the pair solo with ee xin..don't know why i keep screwing that part up..haha.

Grad night planning has been going on quite okay lah..but i'm a little blur on things..and yeah..i'm doing TWO performances..haha. Don't ask what's the other one though. =D.

Went to look at the ballroom in heritage hotel today..and it seems a lil tiny i guess. Doesn't look as if it can fit 200+ people but yeah..maybe it can..i don't know. The stage is also rather tiny and it's more of a podium then a stage. And there's four beeg fat pillars..haha. So the decor people have to come up woth good stuff to decorate. All the best!

And yeah..whoever has got clear glass/ plastic bowls, medium sized ones..can lend ah? we need 10..haha.

okay, this is quite a lame post so yeah, i'd better be signing off now before it gets any worse..

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Let Loose

Okay people..i have an important announcement to make..


Thats the biggest i can get it to..have no idea how to make it any bigger..

Okay so now that exams are over, i guess we have a few things to look forward to..and no i don't mean getting our results back..okay i know you all are probably hating me for mentioning this part in this entry..but anyway, cut to the chase and here goes:

ahem..drum roll please...

BBQ Class party! Well, i think barbeques are WAAAYY overrated because you wait for the chicken to cook longer than you get to eat..wait until you become like this..

Well drool..heheh. But anyway..maybe i kerah mayjet to help me lah..since she is a self-proclaimed expert in BBQ-ing..


We, 4s1-ers are going to undertake the biggest challenge of requires, strength, endurance, willpower, mental fitness (yeah right!)...will we make it? Can we survive the toughest test of all? STAY TUNED TO THE..

............................*fanfare playing*............................

okay..i know this is mount everest.but kledang hill does not look intimidating enough..haha
Yep..well..after a failed attempt of organizing it i guess we're trying to organize another since we are free-er. Hope it works out this time. And oh, if you think it's because we have to get some exercise..think again..haha..we are going to play detective and spot..(well we 4s1-ers know who eh?)



Next.. what else ah? Well..since exams just finished we can't plan so many things right? so er..two will just do for now. Keep watching this blog for more updates..Cheers!!

PS: The putting the pics idea was from reading too much of it if you're's funny..(plus a lil dirty lah, so watch at your own risk! Hehe..)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Crazy Indian Video... Buffalaxed! (Warning! 18SX rating! XD)

My sister showed me this ham sap video. Someone subbed it, but its not the translation of the song, it's what he thought it sounded like in English!

How's everyone's studies? I'm in Bio ch 4 TT^TT

Saturday, October 13, 2007

sudden inspiration.. hehe =)

lol i reali feel lk posting this. tho i "spammed" the chatbox with the dialogues, i think i better post it.. so dat evry1 can see more clearly. lol so dis is actuali copy n paste from the chatbox. sorry for putting up so many messages.. lol lets start wif the pic dat giv me the 1001 inspiration.. hv FUN!! WAKAKAKAKAKAKA!

now i'll start copy n pasting from the chatbox..

14 Oct 07, 10:34 lydia: aiyo i wana caption the 3rd pic featuring onli dawn n sokwai lar.. so darn funny. iz lk those kad laporan day whr dawn is d mother n sokwai the daughter..

14 Oct 07, 10:36 lydia:

sokwai (monolog dalaman) : apa ni cikgu berani lu mengutuk saya?! depan mak aku ni.. mmg mau saya mati. tunggulah esok, bila makku takda akan kutunjukkan kehebatanku.. nyek nyek nyek nyek (evil laugh)

14 Oct 07, 10:39 lydia:

dawn : ya cikgu, saya faham. anak tunggalku ni mmg nakal. salah aku tidak mengajarnya dengan baik.. mmm, saya faham, maaflah ya cikgu terpaksa menyusahkan cikgu selama ini..

14 Oct 07, 10:44 lydia:

dawn (monolog dalaman) : ish tunggulah bila balik rumah nanti, barulah kamu tau.. berani ya berlaku jahat di sekolah. di rumah lain, baik saja. talam dua muka ya?! dah lupa ajaran mak ya? tak letak..

14 Oct 07, 10:45 lydia:

dawn (continued..) : .. mak depan mata ya? tunggular.. bila sampai kat rumah...

14 Oct 07, 10:46 lydia: lol read from below, hehe stupid captions. gud to release my stress! lol juz look at the third pic of dawn n sokwai to get the feel first.. it reali seemed lk dat.. haha!

lol i think dats all.. mission accomplished. hope u all had fun reading d silly captions.. dat is if u all r not too busy to cum online n check d class blog lar.. haha =)

oooooh b4 i forget, let me extend my thanx to miss jessicaloh our photographer 'handal' for taking the pic to make this post possible.. ehehehe.. wonder wat will be sokwai n dawn's reaction. but i bet they won't be online anytime soon. as sokwai said, they are preparing for war!! haha !

sum1 itching for some fun, *wink*

-lydia- (bluek =P)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Kuiz Pelancongan..

Okay..finally finished! I didn't post all the pics here though..only the interesting ones i guess..haha. So enjoy!!

Yada yada..waiting for the bus to arrive..

Ka Yee..i think she sedang minta sedekah..kesian betul..

Lining up to go..where on earth was the bus??

Science 2 took off before us and they had a pretty nice bus. So we were wondering, what kind of bus would we get? We certainly hoped it was not the cacated Omnibus or some sort. But it wasn't. I think it was BETTER than the bus Science 2 had. So yay!

The bus was cool. Had wooden panelling and all also okay. Super clean. Nice..pity the journey was a short one. Anyway, pics of inside the bus..

Puteri UMNO of MGS..

Typical jia foong..

What's so special about Kit Yee's blazer????

Pn Helena would be proud..tsk tsk

When we reached..

Oh no..i forgot the name of the place..but anyhow..this is where the competition was held for those who missed out (read: Phuiyan haha)

When we entered the hall..first response was, "Wow!! the place is huge!" (macam rusa masuk kampung)

tick tock tick tock..when is the thing ever gonna start??

Jamie and Yee San cannot resist the cam..haha

While waiting for the thing to start..

What we found in the foldable table compartment in the seat..

Ah..interesting drawings and writings..

Here's a close up: Chicken + Dragon =? Oh it's an eagle..haha

wanna e-mail the guy? lol.

Look at what the fella crossed out - I will never chase my parents from the house.
Good boy/girl!

The cool (to us anyway) foldable table. Anyway, the story goes that lydia's table accidently broke and so she tried to fix it..see pics below.

Aiyo! Apa jadi?

Lydia: Like this ah?

Zhi Hui: Just dump it in la..

I find this pic very paparazzi-sque cz u can see ee xin in between..haha..but jia foong did a good job of hiding herself..

Before the quiz started

The middle guy got the best contestant for being 'cool' wor..haha

I've got nothing to say..they were lucky..

Below: The many faces of the contestants..pity lim's head was blocked by the screen..

Q&A session. Pity none of us went la..haha..everyone too comfortable in their 'OGAWA' chair, as sok wai puts it.

Cik Hasnoridah: It's mine..all mine!! (oops..lim's face got hidden a lil)

Posing with their haul for the day..

What is Sok Wai pointing at??

Money money money...MONEY! (make sure u sing this to The Apprentice tune)

It rained when we were going we all had to was fun. Another class outing perhaps??