Friday, October 12, 2007

Kuiz Pelancongan..

Okay..finally finished! I didn't post all the pics here though..only the interesting ones i guess..haha. So enjoy!!

Yada yada..waiting for the bus to arrive..

Ka Yee..i think she sedang minta sedekah..kesian betul..

Lining up to go..where on earth was the bus??

Science 2 took off before us and they had a pretty nice bus. So we were wondering, what kind of bus would we get? We certainly hoped it was not the cacated Omnibus or some sort. But it wasn't. I think it was BETTER than the bus Science 2 had. So yay!

The bus was cool. Had wooden panelling and all also okay. Super clean. Nice..pity the journey was a short one. Anyway, pics of inside the bus..

Puteri UMNO of MGS..

Typical jia foong..

What's so special about Kit Yee's blazer????

Pn Helena would be proud..tsk tsk

When we reached..

Oh no..i forgot the name of the place..but anyhow..this is where the competition was held for those who missed out (read: Phuiyan haha)

When we entered the hall..first response was, "Wow!! the place is huge!" (macam rusa masuk kampung)

tick tock tick tock..when is the thing ever gonna start??

Jamie and Yee San cannot resist the cam..haha

While waiting for the thing to start..

What we found in the foldable table compartment in the seat..

Ah..interesting drawings and writings..

Here's a close up: Chicken + Dragon =? Oh it's an eagle..haha

wanna e-mail the guy? lol.

Look at what the fella crossed out - I will never chase my parents from the house.
Good boy/girl!

The cool (to us anyway) foldable table. Anyway, the story goes that lydia's table accidently broke and so she tried to fix it..see pics below.

Aiyo! Apa jadi?

Lydia: Like this ah?

Zhi Hui: Just dump it in la..

I find this pic very paparazzi-sque cz u can see ee xin in between..haha..but jia foong did a good job of hiding herself..

Before the quiz started

The middle guy got the best contestant for being 'cool' wor..haha

I've got nothing to say..they were lucky..

Below: The many faces of the contestants..pity lim's head was blocked by the screen..

Q&A session. Pity none of us went la..haha..everyone too comfortable in their 'OGAWA' chair, as sok wai puts it.

Cik Hasnoridah: It's mine..all mine!! (oops..lim's face got hidden a lil)

Posing with their haul for the day..

What is Sok Wai pointing at??

Money money money...MONEY! (make sure u sing this to The Apprentice tune)

It rained when we were going we all had to was fun. Another class outing perhaps??


sokwai said...

jessica, wanna know what's behind kityee's blazer?????? it represent a very great thing for her..
she says that its' her micky (the korean band- tvxq fella )worr....

isy i missed the fun. u were all having so much fun in the bus.....*sangat jealous*
when we were about to go back to skul i was wondering whether to follow u ppl or hasnoridah.... isy isy isy......*jealous*
but then nice pictures... good job!!! :p

lydia said...

oh yea how cum our bus reach skool faster geh?? so much fun meh? fun gua.. i juz rmb eating the dry-er and hard-er than ordinary corn bread they gave us.. the bag they gave us i tot gt risalah bout pelancongan geh cuz look so pelancongan-ish.. mana tau berisi makanan lol