Friday, October 31, 2008

random pics (grad night)

the lame contestants for the grad (drag) queen thingy... the representatives from 5s1 were me [they're blind to choose me], eexin and lydia!!!! lol...

pity mr cheang, no one was there to take that cover away from

the only pic i have with puan ang and miss chong.. hehe

Friday, October 24, 2008



for lyrics----->


Shining Friends - Fiona Fung


little faith Brightens a rainy day  Life is difficult you can't go away  Don't hide yourselves in the corner  You have my place to stay  Sorrow is gonna say goodbye  Opens up You'll see the happy sunshine  Keep going on with your dream  Chasing tomorrow's sunrise  The spirit can never die  Sun will shine my friend Shining Friends  Won't let you cry my dear  Seeing you shed a tear  Make my world disappear  You'll never be alone in darkness  See my smile my friend  We are with you holding hands  You have got to believe  You are my destiny  We've meant to be your friends  That's what a friend should be