Monday, January 28, 2008


can you believe it???

January is gone and February is coming.

oh lydia. just so you know. IM HAVING YOUR PENCIL BOX!!!! hheehehhe :D

Installation Day 08

Came back from my Crosby practice and while looking for info on Putrajaya..decided to upload the pics as well..

Was kinda excited about installation this morning..but I guess you couldn't really tell because of my 'expressionless' face. But yeah, was praying hard I wouldn't forget my ikrar and stuff like that. The corsage came late..that was panic no. 1, corsages haven't reached the teaches and the VIP..then had to get my guitar stuff to the open hall..have to lug it all the way there..and it ain't light.

Anyway..there are more than a hundred pics in my cam now..thanks to anna loi..

So all the teachers and VIPs got their corsages, and now we had to walk through the guard of honour thing..had no idea what to do..look serious? smile a lot? be a smartass and walk...i don't know but it turned out like this..

Haha..not that bad la..the band was quite bersemangat today..fortunately i didn't hear any 'out' notes..then came the speeches...there were only 2 speeches..and honestly i didn't really pay attention to them..drifting in and out cz i was too busy making sure i completely memorized my ikrar..haha..

then the badge giving..since anna took so many here are some of our classmates..

Hehe..not much of her pics in our class blog eh..but here's our koperasi orang besar!! *she even opened the koperasi place so that kai teng could buy her prefect socks before the thing started*

Asst. Drum Major wo..haha

Nampak sungguh gembira eh

I think people were getting restless by the time the prefects came up..pity them also they have to sit them sardine-packed while we prefects can just walk around..haha..some more have to sit through this..

I have to admit at this time i was hoping i could do the same if not better as her..and butterflies were colliding against my stomach walls..


Some people think that it's no big deal reading on the stage, etc. But yeah, it's kinda nerve wrecking when everyone wants you to ooze confidence and stuff like that. The truth is, i'm not really that kind of person lah. Haha..

Jess: "Okay, smile and just look happy! But which camera to look at???"
Glenna: "Who the heck cares as long as I look pretty and sweet!"
Ee Xin: "Aiyo..why have to take pic wan? Whatever lah.."

To hug or not to hug?

Jess: "Tujuannya ialah *grimace*...di kalangan..*grimace*.."
Ee Xin: "Just get it over and done hands tired ad.."
Glenna: "Where to look?? I have nothing to hold/say..aiya..just pretend to look at the scroll lah.."

Okay, so after the ikrar and stuff like that it was time for the..


So I was hoping we wouldn't sound like kerbaus like the other few times..Had to
rush to plug in my guitar, etc.. not enough time to tune also! Then tiba0tiba no more battery!!

Poor prefects and librarians..had to wait so long..

Kai Teng: "Just wait patiently girls.." (In her head)- "Curse you for taking so long!!"


Kai Teng: Aiyo..why so long lah??faster start lah


Yipee!! Finally..

Happily singing

The band was quite good today as i mentioned earlier..during the last song..the drum major had all her funny movements which were quite funny to watch..haha..take a look at one..

I believe i can fly...

So basically that was the installation ceremony..coming soon are the pics after that..STAY TUNED!

Friday, January 18, 2008

apologising without reason

during mod maths tuition today at mr hin, chin was talking a lot... making a lot of noise while doing the questions.. then lydia heard the girl behind said something like'keep quiet' and so lydia told chin what the girl said to her... she turned behind amd apologised to the girl, who is actually my friend... she was a bit shocked to see that chin apologised to her without a reason.... she was asking me,'why did she say sorry to me?' and i was laughing and laughing with lydia... haha..
the actual fact is the 'keep quiet' thing is not for her... just that lydia said it's for her... haha

Saturday, January 12, 2008


ppl!!!!!!! im proud to inform you that THIS is the 100th post of this blog!!! n I have the honour to be e person! =)))))

lame post i know. kill me BAH

Monday, January 7, 2008


Hey people :]
So hows everything?

It's not as bad as i thought it would be actually. It's pretty okay, overall. Well yes, lonely at times. Like do you guys remember how I used to walk around the class and sing, irritate, annoy, disturb people? HAHA. Ohh well not now anymore coz i've got AHEM NO ONE to irritate, lol! The only people I talk to are yiwen and kaylynn and sometimes SOME people nearby me. Like you know, i'm sitting on the left side, believe me when I say I've never spoken to any of those people at the far right side, really. HAHA. Those people NEVER TALK WEY! I DIE WEY LIKE THAT, HAHA! The only people I know existed in science2 are wen,kaylynn, hema, foongvai, mindy, debbie, kaiteng, navin, sookmun, krishan and maggie. HAHHAHHA. NO OFFENCE THO.

Other than all that, there;s much less pressure in science2 compared to science1. Teachers hardly give us pressure. Lessons are being taught real SLOWLY. The teachers have a lot of patience to teach haha! Yes, its easier to understand But sometimes it may go too slow that it get on nerves at times, haha! For once i feel proud for being one of the fastest ones to complete add maths work, haha. This can never happen if YOU PEOPLE were here, lol! HAHA. Saya amat bangga wey, haha. But one more thing different is that, no offence to anybody but when you dont know how to do something, like a sum for instance, youve got no one to question, gotta depend on my ownself to solve it. ahaha. This is ONE MAJOR THING THAT I MISS ABOUT YOU PEOPLEEEE. HAHA. But its still good for me, not to depend on you people too muchhh hahahaha. Berdikari haha.

Well, i'm aiming for the first place in class and top 30 in the form for midterm. Gotta work my heart out for it.. :D Ohh yeah, just one thing to you guys ENVY. HAHA. Puan Ho is a reallyyy GOOD teacher :DD HAHHAHHA. I havent had any lessons with puan looi yet so im not at a position to comment anything YET. HAHA. I still miss cik lailatul, puan ang, mr cheang and cik hasnorida. My sejarah teacher is pretty fun too hehe :DD



Friday, January 4, 2008


we entered our second day of school today...woohoo???...errmm..not really...but still...i'm quite excited bout the school days to come...provided we won't be too burdened with homework or getting 1A for SPM or collecting as many certs as we can....

blearrgghh...i really dislike those who keep on pressuring us to do stuff because "you'll need the cert..."..and the result of all this cert-collecting is....WORK DONE HALF-HEARTEDLY without any real effort...gosh...i really believe that we should be doing all that we are because of our PASSION for it...or maybe, then we won't be bothered to do it at all??...i dunno..but this rat race of teenagers trying to collect as many certs as they can for scholarships is kinda disturbing...we keep on worrying whether we've got enough certs and sometimes, in more serious cases, this then leads to back-stabbing and unpleasant feelings and jealousy...not much difference from politics,huh??...not that we are that 'dirty'-lah...

anyway...first day of school is normal...we got our FREE textbooks...hahaha...the things we talked bout when we were waiting for our textbooks...hahaha...i just couldn't help laughing...i feel too young to be in form 5, really...and well..the sitting positions are okay, i think...i didn't get to sit behind jiafoong...but, nvm...she's still beside me...dawn, chin, SSKM etc are sitting too far though...*sighs*...the teachers??..hmm..we got really good complains bout, yeah...i should say everything is kinda fine...

but....good things don't last...i got a major heart attack due to some really UNEXPECTED now got some 'fan' stuff to think about...but hehe...i'm not the only one involved...jessica is, too....hehe...

anyway, overall..i'm not complaining bout school, not still feels rather dream-like...but physics lesson was REAL....i vowed not to sleep during physics lesson anymore...that's a super-duper hard thing to's physics was ..................i think everybody felt that way...but i managed to stay awake...barely, actually....hahaha...dawn IS lucky...