Monday, January 28, 2008

Installation Day 08

Came back from my Crosby practice and while looking for info on Putrajaya..decided to upload the pics as well..

Was kinda excited about installation this morning..but I guess you couldn't really tell because of my 'expressionless' face. But yeah, was praying hard I wouldn't forget my ikrar and stuff like that. The corsage came late..that was panic no. 1, corsages haven't reached the teaches and the VIP..then had to get my guitar stuff to the open hall..have to lug it all the way there..and it ain't light.

Anyway..there are more than a hundred pics in my cam now..thanks to anna loi..

So all the teachers and VIPs got their corsages, and now we had to walk through the guard of honour thing..had no idea what to do..look serious? smile a lot? be a smartass and walk...i don't know but it turned out like this..

Haha..not that bad la..the band was quite bersemangat today..fortunately i didn't hear any 'out' notes..then came the speeches...there were only 2 speeches..and honestly i didn't really pay attention to them..drifting in and out cz i was too busy making sure i completely memorized my ikrar..haha..

then the badge giving..since anna took so many here are some of our classmates..

Hehe..not much of her pics in our class blog eh..but here's our koperasi orang besar!! *she even opened the koperasi place so that kai teng could buy her prefect socks before the thing started*

Asst. Drum Major wo..haha

Nampak sungguh gembira eh

I think people were getting restless by the time the prefects came up..pity them also they have to sit them sardine-packed while we prefects can just walk around..haha..some more have to sit through this..

I have to admit at this time i was hoping i could do the same if not better as her..and butterflies were colliding against my stomach walls..


Some people think that it's no big deal reading on the stage, etc. But yeah, it's kinda nerve wrecking when everyone wants you to ooze confidence and stuff like that. The truth is, i'm not really that kind of person lah. Haha..

Jess: "Okay, smile and just look happy! But which camera to look at???"
Glenna: "Who the heck cares as long as I look pretty and sweet!"
Ee Xin: "Aiyo..why have to take pic wan? Whatever lah.."

To hug or not to hug?

Jess: "Tujuannya ialah *grimace*...di kalangan..*grimace*.."
Ee Xin: "Just get it over and done hands tired ad.."
Glenna: "Where to look?? I have nothing to hold/say..aiya..just pretend to look at the scroll lah.."

Okay, so after the ikrar and stuff like that it was time for the..


So I was hoping we wouldn't sound like kerbaus like the other few times..Had to
rush to plug in my guitar, etc.. not enough time to tune also! Then tiba0tiba no more battery!!

Poor prefects and librarians..had to wait so long..

Kai Teng: "Just wait patiently girls.." (In her head)- "Curse you for taking so long!!"


Kai Teng: Aiyo..why so long lah??faster start lah


Yipee!! Finally..

Happily singing

The band was quite good today as i mentioned earlier..during the last song..the drum major had all her funny movements which were quite funny to watch..haha..take a look at one..

I believe i can fly...

So basically that was the installation ceremony..coming soon are the pics after that..STAY TUNED!

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