Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pollen Tubes

Kinda sad cuz we din do this experiment in class so I thought i'd post some awesome vids of pollen germinating from youtube 4 y'all to see. :D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

8 on the run for the title of "next top model"

Scenario : a bunch of “nothing-betta-to-do” was at the seaside. The wind was blowing towards them. (plz imagine the wind howling LOL)They were obviously enjoying themselves, having a WHALE of a time. Perhaps.. perhaps they were waiting for their turn for the audition of the GB-senior-next-top-model.. Evryone of them was busy with their own agenda. Kindly read on to know wat they are doing.

NOTE : ENLARGE the PIC to enjoy it n understand it truly. (left to right)

Model 01: (praying) may the lord bless all of them. I duno wat they’re doing. No eye see.

Model 02: (happily dreaming) the wind’s so cooling. But I’m feeling itchy all over. Erm zhihui, wud u mind? My hands are occupied..

Model 03: sure, no prob. Err.. here izit? I can’t see, u noe. Some sand got into my eyes. Eh, r u on my left or on my right? (stretches out two hands)

Model 04: come join us. (hand gestures, smiles her polite n caring smile) Don’t shy shy. Nothing geh. We wont eat u wan..

Model 05: ah, iz about time.. nah I din bluff u. u see, the wind’s really blowing. Now, the next wind will be.... (busy counting)

Model 06: I dun get it. How she count ar? Gt formula isit. U ar, dun so secretive lar. How u count? I headache aledy. (note the hand at the forehead..)

Model 07 : haha u no need to care about her geh lar. She oso siao geh (points at jessica). Let her count herself lar. The wind. Ahhhh.. so cooling. Can u smell my new shampoo? (hand at the hair)

Model 08 : hahahahaha (caught in the mid of trying to cover her evil laugh) go on ppl. Act natural. [Monolog: bet u all duno my sis is taking the pic, wakakakakakaka]

Model 06’s bottle : (in squeaky non-human voice, almost in tears) how come all of u are so tall? Iz not fair!!!! I wana be tall too… [cries loudly now]..

Lol dats all lar.. crazy eh.. haha sokwai’s blog entry inspired me to type this.. so u all can thank or scold her. The choice is yours.. I refuse to take any blame or responsibility.. kekekekeke =PPP haha I’m enjoying every minute of it!!! WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!! =P

DISCLAIMER : this is a piece of fiction by yours truly. Copyrights reserved. =P

Hope u had a good laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine.


Have a good day ahead!!


Friday, July 11, 2008

late to the party

Speech Day
What's better than being greeted by 2 girls?

Ee xin and Glenna!

(note: what is ee xin doing?? hint: look at her hand placement..haha)

Pretty girls with loads of trophies..

Jamie is so heavy..

Piled up

For ka yee (imagines ee xin rolling her eyes)


Caged in..

The many faces of ee xin when she's annoyed

Take 1

Take 2

Close up shot

The last look of annoyance

Don't i just love to annoy her???

Jia Foong and Rena riding off into the sunset...

My group - break point (we got 3rd!)

Bored people (just notice..we all have nice legs..haha)

Chicken dance starring ee xin and pn ang

Zhi Hui and glenna doing the ostrich dance..

with the kids

Last lunch at camp

Jia Foong tidur-ing (from a diff angle)

photos up for grabs!!!

somebody's hands ALMOST spoiled my camera lens...

kayee and i pretending to study hard...i was just copying sokwai's yeahh...'study hard',huh?

the class page..that will be printed in school mag...

i actually have smtg to say about the whole process of doing the page...well, it took me quite long to find the right pics the first time, people sending me unsuitable pics, some others no pics at all, some appear too many times...but yeaa...i tried my BEST, put in a lot of effort...and it wasn't easy...i don't even have time to finish my hw, okay?? i tried to please everyone, but in the end, there will be people who don't like yeah, it's still OUR class page...and that's what i was trying to portray, you know...ahh...whatever...bleaahhh

bday girl and me...on 8/7/2008...

5S1...whoohoo...not bad eh?

i malas rotate lahh...sorry....but it's nice,no??thank goodness i chose to sit in front...

cuteeee...why is my heart blocking my face??..aihh

heehehe...i was sick of doing homework...

cavell group pic...

ohh..hahaha..took this out of look was supposed to spell D-E-P-P-R-E-S-S-E-D..but it turned out to be W-E-I-R-D..ahh..well..
and...we were bored, okay??

chocolate!!!..directly from russia...i finished the whole bar...and i love it to bits...


see..... i'll continue posting up stupid photos.... hahaha

eexin and zhihui's sleeping place....

try to see hu is in the picture...

our princess Mimi/Mimee/watever it is....

upacara pemotongan tali rafia oleh teh zhi hui...

that's all for the day......

Saturday, July 5, 2008

random picture

big foot discovered...
it actually belongs to eexin.... she slipped when she wanted to jump to leave her footprint on the beach.... haha

Friday, July 4, 2008

some really funny pictures from GB Camp

i find that these few pictures interesting and funny so i decided to post it... hehe... the pictures are picked at random.. so don't mind...

this is an obscene picture which my sister took when we did not realise it....hehe just observe and you'll see it....

since when i send it to the owner of the picture, the owner rejected it, i'll just post it here, not wanting to waste it.... and for her fan also la.... hehe....

jiafoong's picture seldom appears in blog but when it appears...... this is it.. haha

gonna post more next time.. ciao