Wednesday, July 23, 2008

8 on the run for the title of "next top model"

Scenario : a bunch of “nothing-betta-to-do” was at the seaside. The wind was blowing towards them. (plz imagine the wind howling LOL)They were obviously enjoying themselves, having a WHALE of a time. Perhaps.. perhaps they were waiting for their turn for the audition of the GB-senior-next-top-model.. Evryone of them was busy with their own agenda. Kindly read on to know wat they are doing.

NOTE : ENLARGE the PIC to enjoy it n understand it truly. (left to right)

Model 01: (praying) may the lord bless all of them. I duno wat they’re doing. No eye see.

Model 02: (happily dreaming) the wind’s so cooling. But I’m feeling itchy all over. Erm zhihui, wud u mind? My hands are occupied..

Model 03: sure, no prob. Err.. here izit? I can’t see, u noe. Some sand got into my eyes. Eh, r u on my left or on my right? (stretches out two hands)

Model 04: come join us. (hand gestures, smiles her polite n caring smile) Don’t shy shy. Nothing geh. We wont eat u wan..

Model 05: ah, iz about time.. nah I din bluff u. u see, the wind’s really blowing. Now, the next wind will be.... (busy counting)

Model 06: I dun get it. How she count ar? Gt formula isit. U ar, dun so secretive lar. How u count? I headache aledy. (note the hand at the forehead..)

Model 07 : haha u no need to care about her geh lar. She oso siao geh (points at jessica). Let her count herself lar. The wind. Ahhhh.. so cooling. Can u smell my new shampoo? (hand at the hair)

Model 08 : hahahahaha (caught in the mid of trying to cover her evil laugh) go on ppl. Act natural. [Monolog: bet u all duno my sis is taking the pic, wakakakakakaka]

Model 06’s bottle : (in squeaky non-human voice, almost in tears) how come all of u are so tall? Iz not fair!!!! I wana be tall too… [cries loudly now]..

Lol dats all lar.. crazy eh.. haha sokwai’s blog entry inspired me to type this.. so u all can thank or scold her. The choice is yours.. I refuse to take any blame or responsibility.. kekekekeke =PPP haha I’m enjoying every minute of it!!! WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!! =P

DISCLAIMER : this is a piece of fiction by yours truly. Copyrights reserved. =P

Hope u had a good laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine.


Have a good day ahead!!


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