Friday, July 11, 2008

late to the party

Speech Day
What's better than being greeted by 2 girls?

Ee xin and Glenna!

(note: what is ee xin doing?? hint: look at her hand placement..haha)

Pretty girls with loads of trophies..

Jamie is so heavy..

Piled up

For ka yee (imagines ee xin rolling her eyes)


Caged in..

The many faces of ee xin when she's annoyed

Take 1

Take 2

Close up shot

The last look of annoyance

Don't i just love to annoy her???

Jia Foong and Rena riding off into the sunset...

My group - break point (we got 3rd!)

Bored people (just notice..we all have nice legs..haha)

Chicken dance starring ee xin and pn ang

Zhi Hui and glenna doing the ostrich dance..

with the kids

Last lunch at camp

Jia Foong tidur-ing (from a diff angle)


eexin said...

i'm ANNOYED at you posting pics of my annoyed faces now...what was i doing??..

bleehh...i didnt really get to savour the last lunch at gb camp...hmm..but i felt good, caring for ppl...

seems like you took a lot of photos of me in embarrassing positions...i'm gonna get my revenge...just wait...

Jess said...

Haha...see what happens if you get annoyed around me...u get your picture taken?? weird to see you caring for ppl..kinda sweet though..haha

qi yen said...

jess looked constipated in the pic where jamie sat on her....and eexin looks like...well...eexin....
wonder if i can get pn ang to do the chicken dance in class.......

sokwai said...

>>> qiyen, it'll not happen... haha....
>>>jessica, the picture that u say that we hv beautiful legs or whtever it is, when was it taken??? and hu took it????

qi yen said...

i bet the ghost of port dickson 'borrowed' jessica's camera when she was not looking and snapped a picture of your beautiful legs..........right, jessica????? princess mimi????

sokwai said...

yeah right... come to think of it, i think most probably it's jiafoong... she prefers to take ppl's picture rather than to be in the picture