Saturday, October 27, 2007

Let Loose

Okay people..i have an important announcement to make..


Thats the biggest i can get it to..have no idea how to make it any bigger..

Okay so now that exams are over, i guess we have a few things to look forward to..and no i don't mean getting our results back..okay i know you all are probably hating me for mentioning this part in this entry..but anyway, cut to the chase and here goes:

ahem..drum roll please...

BBQ Class party! Well, i think barbeques are WAAAYY overrated because you wait for the chicken to cook longer than you get to eat..wait until you become like this..

Well drool..heheh. But anyway..maybe i kerah mayjet to help me lah..since she is a self-proclaimed expert in BBQ-ing..


We, 4s1-ers are going to undertake the biggest challenge of requires, strength, endurance, willpower, mental fitness (yeah right!)...will we make it? Can we survive the toughest test of all? STAY TUNED TO THE..

............................*fanfare playing*............................

okay..i know this is mount everest.but kledang hill does not look intimidating enough..haha
Yep..well..after a failed attempt of organizing it i guess we're trying to organize another since we are free-er. Hope it works out this time. And oh, if you think it's because we have to get some exercise..think again..haha..we are going to play detective and spot..(well we 4s1-ers know who eh?)



Next.. what else ah? Well..since exams just finished we can't plan so many things right? so er..two will just do for now. Keep watching this blog for more updates..Cheers!!

PS: The putting the pics idea was from reading too much of it if you're's funny..(plus a lil dirty lah, so watch at your own risk! Hehe..)

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