Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So (I'm trying not to start with the word okay) was well..okay for me la...nothing really interesting..just that my legs are aching now..haha..tak sangka i so unfit eh? my dancing confidence level is upped by well 5% so that kinda makes it over 35% i guess..really crossing my fingers and hoping i would do okay on THE REAL DAY. The prospect of screwing up is scary. The only thing i have to do now is get my timing right for the pair solo with ee xin..don't know why i keep screwing that part up..haha.

Grad night planning has been going on quite okay lah..but i'm a little blur on things..and yeah..i'm doing TWO performances..haha. Don't ask what's the other one though. =D.

Went to look at the ballroom in heritage hotel today..and it seems a lil tiny i guess. Doesn't look as if it can fit 200+ people but yeah..maybe it can..i don't know. The stage is also rather tiny and it's more of a podium then a stage. And there's four beeg fat pillars..haha. So the decor people have to come up woth good stuff to decorate. All the best!

And yeah..whoever has got clear glass/ plastic bowls, medium sized ones..can lend ah? we need 10..haha.

okay, this is quite a lame post so yeah, i'd better be signing off now before it gets any worse..

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