Monday, December 15, 2008

bored at home?

here are some suggestions for our friends gathering.

who can join?-anyone from 5s1 08 or 4s1 07 of mgs ipoh
when?- not confirmed yet
where?-see options below

package 1

gua tempurung

  • Tour 1:RM6.00 -As you enter through the walkway on stilts over the cave river, you will see layers of white marble stone slabs and walls with different hues. Walking deeper to the dimmed showcase gallery, you will be struck by the beauty of the Golden Flowstone. Standing at a height of 90 metres, Golden Flowstone describes the sloping and wavering floor and wall of the cave which has a golden hue when water flows over it and illuminated by gentle light. Stalagmites and stalactites on walls and ceilings take various astounding sizes and shapes. Your eyes seem to play tricks on you when images of dolphin, jellyfish, tiger, lion, cow's head, seahorse, old man, Lord of Buddha and Zorro's eye come into view.

  • there are 3 more tours..for more info, go to

package 2

D.R Park

this one is for free. we may have pot luck there. i am afraid we cant cycle there unless u r willing to bring your own bike. however, you may still be able to play badminton. and and and, there's a mini japanese, we can take pics there geh.

package 3

Gunung Lang
first, we'll have to take this kind of boat as shown in the pic above to the recreation park.i forgot the boat fare but it is quite cheap, for sure.

this is the view of the park.
and btw,gunung lang is located at jalan kuala kangsar.

any comment?


sokwai said...

my mum doesn't allow me to go to gua tempurung... sob sob..

sokwai said...

but i'm going to D.R.Park for sure if we are going there... XD

Junni said...

I want I want! But I can't go gua tempurung too. You see my mom don't let me go to not just said gua but all of Ipoh caves. 'Cause Ipoh caves = limestone caves = Calcium Carbonate. And limestone (CaCO3) cave + acid rain = cave might collapse = danger danger danger!! zone. You call this mom's paranoia.

yukana said...

wow junni. You'r mom's sure very good at reasoning and relating things.
can i bring my mom along to gua tempurung? when i mentioned it to her she said she reeeeeally wanna go.
DR park's cool. Can ask tracy and junni to bring their bikes and meiching's too and all of us can take turns on their bikes.
Wei~ We all holidays until addicted ddi lar...

Tracy said...

I can go 2 all. Was thinking of going 2 gua tempurung anyway. My mother and I made lots of cookies. I can bring some 2 d potluck :)

zhiying said...

can go for all......^^

Junni said...

the only bike I have is a crappy rusty for-12-year-old-only one.

sokwai said...

my mum kinda disagree when i told her that i wanna go DR Park but i'll go for sure
i dun care since so many ppl are going..hehe

eexin said...

they said dr park is kinda dirty wo..i'm not sure bout that...can go for all..(i think)...hahaha

i sound like a maniac..

Junni said...

dirty.... well this IS Malaysia so erm we don't have a choice. Anyway I don't care, no Malaysian will care, hence litter everywhere. (rhyme unintended)

yeesan said...

what about we plan trips for all places and if u can come, do come. what do u think?

yukana said...

so.. when is it? =)

Tracy said...