Monday, June 22, 2009

Hari Anugerah

Anyone going for Hari Anugerah on 11th July??? Go please!! It's a Saturday and I wanna meet up with you guys!!! Skip all lessons and meetings... ^^


Jess said...

I'm postponing my flight just for it..u guys better come ok!

Well..that's not the only reason i postponed my flight la act haha

Ok..back to studying Chem..exam sucks..

ユカナ said...

*Wails* ='(((((((((


My mom will be there. Sigh! I wanna see you guys so so much!

Teacher is so gonna murder me if she finds out that even THE GIRLS from Aussie is going back and look at me! I'm only staying in Malacca for goodness' sake!

Anonymous said...

I WILL BE BACK TOO PEOPLE!!! :) so excited to meet you guys!

Sok Wai said...

>>>jess : make sure you don't get infected with A(H1N1) virus oh.. Don't wanna see you getting quarantine.. and obviously, I don't hope anyone get this la.. haha..

>>> zhihui : why don't come back?!! I was really hoping that you'll come back... *sob* even kayee's coming back..

>>> kayee : YAY!! Even you're coming back! that's a great reunion!! hehe

Jess said...

Haih...zhi hui...even eexin is trying to come back..why can't you come back?? sad la

Oh btw I'm back ad ppl..hehe..and yes I have a slight flu but i managed to pass the 'health screening' thing haha.

Sok Wai said...

u managed to pass through it but make sure you are clear.. heheh...haha...

that's why! Zhi Hui, you should just come back!!