Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Something random

Well, i just feel like posting something here since everyone is everywhere now...

Kanagambikai - ACS
Zhi Ying - JPA Australia
Lydia - Pahang Matrics
Jessica - Australia
Audrey - Taylor's
May Jet - Australia
Ee Xin - going for JPA
Ka Yee - Singapore
Me - trapped in form 6 too
Zhi Hui - sufferring in Matrics Melaka
Stephanie - Matrics Pahang
Qi Yen - going Sunway College KL
Mei Ching - at UTAR but heard that she wants to enrol into form 6
Jamie - INTI Subang
Yee San - form 6 acs (she's now the assistant monitor of the class =D)
Jia Foong - UTAR Kampar
Glenna - HELP
Tracy & Junni - ACS (forming their Lala Land in the class next to mine)
Dawn - Taylor's
Cherish - ACS juga...
Lim - in UTP with Yip right?
Chin - going to intec under jpa soon
Yip - UTP la.. future engineer
Siew yoke - INTI Nilai
Fadhilah - Matrics Penang.. (I'M SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!) might be going soon as she got JPA...
Nazreen - dunno.. but she got JPA too...
Kah Mun - same class with me, so what you think?
Kit Yee - Singapore
Florence & Ming Ru & Chih Yan & Siew Fong - ACS
Kar Kheng - UTAR (as what foong vai mentioned)
Phui Yan - INTI Nilai

if there's any mistake, correct me ya.. any incomplete info, add in on your own.. xD


Jess said...

Haha.thanks for doing this! Was wondering where everyone's at. Glenna is in HELP College btw doing A-levels.

Aih...everyone is growing up so fast haha.

Sok Wai said...

Yeah. I know already. Jamie told me.. Yeah, everyone is getting old so fast.. LOL!!

zhiying said...

um, wat bout mei kuan??
any idea??

Sok Wai said...

shiying,you know who's the one who posted this blog entry and what is the relationship between the blogger and the one you mentioned?

Junni said...


audreyrocks said...

Haha @ sokwai's comment about meikuan. Anyway its awesome you posted this. Was wondering what everyone's upto. ^^

ユカナ said...

Meikuan is in Form 6.

I called Zhiying straight away when I saw 'zhiying-JPA Australia' o.O

WTF man. I know NOTHING about it.

See? Life is so ulu w/o internet.


As a matter of fact, I'm living a happy life here!

Sok Wai said...

okay.. fine.. ZHI HUI IS LIVING HAPPILY IN MELAKA NOW.. BUT the time when i wrote this blog, you were indeed suffering.. Bleh...