Saturday, November 3, 2007

The official Grad Night post by Jessica

Since there is SOOO many grad night posts up..i think i will up the ante and say mine's the official don't hate me.

Okay, since you already got ee xin's narrative below, i think i'll just supply the pics eh?

Kononnya doing work la..

Hanging CDs (mind you, it's quite high up there)

Seeing triple??

Black is whack. (our sifu, Fan Yee Ling)


The finished product (girls not included)

Yum Yum..what's up with ee xin's face??

With Sin Yee

On the red carpet..

Weng Yee enters the building

Aww..what a sweet pair..

Mr. Cheang attempts to pose

Kah Yan impresses


When it began..

Games was madness.

Imagine all the girls in their pretty pretty dresses running up to the stage like barbarians, grabbing whatever loot (straws) they could lay their dainty hands was carnage, i tell you.

Charis taking time off to smile

Connecting connecting

So the objective of the game was to connect straws. The longest 'connection' wins. Simple.


Kit yee was not bad..


It was supposed to be a catwalk but err nevermind..

Amanda and Henna did some crazy dancing..haha

Top 10 finalists

3rd place

Not a bad couple

Here's another shot.

Mrs. Lee: *points to right cheek and grins wickedly*
Henna: ???


Top 5 finalists

Let's party!!!

Mad dash to the stage to dance..


When the storm has died down..

Beh's looking good!

With Shen-Ly (this is part of the picture)

The whole picture..Poor Shen-Ly, she really has her hands full..

The crew, minus a few people.

Well, that's all from me this time around..feel free to steal the pics if you want, i just charge a mere RM500 for one pic..hahah. was fun although there were some *almost* heart-stopping moments during the night.

And it was my first time wearing something quite skimpy in public.

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