Monday, November 5, 2007

4s1 class party

it's almost 1 now..i am actually very tired..i think later i gonna have a nice sleep..
neway,this year's class party is so much fun!plus,i bet this is the last class party i gonna year we will have grad nite but not class party...though,i am sad that class party has over....why time passes so quick...??>
anyway,quite glad that the malays and indians actually made the efoort to first, they were somehow not sure to of our friends even said none of the malays or indians are coming..i was very angry to hear that..i was angry because we purposely arranged the party before the deepavali n chose mp as the venue since it's halal..if they dont come,there's no need for us to choose mp and we can have it on fri and stay longer...anyway,i am quite glad they came...
btw..i was wearing a singlet n a mini skirt...before that,jamie told me it is very hot at mp so i chose that outfit..instead,it turned out to be soooooo cold in the room...jamie even promised that she will wear skirt but turned out to wear a green tea shorts..but sokwai n lydia so'yau yi hei'...sokwai n lydia teman-ed me to wear least i din feel so awkward..thanx u guys!!love ya lotss!!
it was noisy and crazy in the room and kityee kept scolding us,asking us to control ourselves..honestly,i admit i was kinda lupa diri d..i think i acted quite crazy at the party...
audrey was very funny...i was there with her for awhile and she was eating a banana..i said the fruit suits her a lot since she memang is a banana person..then,she was like showing off her cantonese...paling funny was when jamie wanted to open the door...i was so shocked that i thought the door has was so scary...the whole room was laughing their heads off!~!
tracy also very funny..she actually steamed the banana in the soup..but surprisingly,the banana taste din disslove into the soup..
lydia lagi funny..she paid rm23.80 and she wanted to help to kemaskan the table..i was like scolding her that she should have asked the waiter to kemas not she kemas but instead,i ,phuiyan n jamie were too 'tak tahan' lalu kemaskan..
oh ya!b4 i 4get,i n jamie went to the toilet and met 1 woman,she was asking whether there's any1 in the toilet room..surely we din know as we baru we asked her to pushed the door harder..initially,she knocked the door first ,asking'any1 in?'in answer..then she pushed the door..rupa-rupanya nobody inside...when she came out,she thanked us ' ng goi sai liung wai leng lui'..*shy*..then she said'u both r very pretty huh?sure a lot of guys 'jui'"then we said,"no lah,no lah,we come from gals',we hardly know any guy."then she asked whether we come from pgs(in cant is lui zhong)....dengan pantasnya,jamie dgn confidencenya said YES..i was like NO.NO.NO...we come from mgs..the woman was a bit blur so i was like citing"lui ying something..."she was still blur..i just cant get the word but lastly i teringat. it is"lui ying wah"then she baru und."ohh...dat eng school arr?no wonder u ppl speak eng so fluently.'gong dou fi li fe leh'.i also dont understand what u ppl talking about"-u ought to translate this sentence into cantonese in order to get a better meaning........anyway,i find that woman was really friendly..outside toilet,i n jamie still met her n jamie accidentally knocked over her grandchild..jmaie was worried if the woman would be angry for knocking her grandchild.instead,she asked jamie whether is she alright...(that's so kind of her...aww..)
btw,back to the party,we took a lot of pictures and it was about 10 and every1 began to call their parents to fetch them home..btw,ppl,the total amount for the bill for our dinner was about six hundred something ringgit,nearly seven hundred..

indeed,i really had a great fun at the party,i hope u guys were enjoying yourselves too!

ps-omg,it's almost 2 now,i think i need to get to sleep now...damn sleepy...and sorry if there's a lot of grammar mistakes..i just cant focus..the keyboard keys seemed to be floating .....

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