Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another class party pictorial

More class party pics here, but some are redundant so sorry about that.

The first thing that caught me eye was this pic below. As a kid, I simply loved to waste food simply because my stomach is the size of microorganism. Okay, maybe not that small but you get the idea. So when I see these kind of signs, well I get a little nervous..

Wacky signs rule the day..i like the please be civilized thing, maybe they should have put one in the dining room for us 4s1-ers instead of only the toilet cubicle.

Some people started taking desserts (you know who you are) before even starting the steamboat..come on..where is the sense of protocol??

More raw food waiting to be cooked!!

May Jet's famous pose

Getting started

I like the look of raw meat..don't ask me why..haha

May Jet and Phui Yan taking on the cooking duties..

Tracy's cooking lesson

Eating french fries with chopsticks??

Aiyo..wherever 4s1 goes..sure something get broken..haha (hint: see the kuiz pelancongan post)

The constipated look

Yip proudly showing what she's eating..yum

Everyone is done eating but some people still persevere..

Zhi Ying devouring crab i think..

Aiyo..people class party still want to kutip hutang?? (overly rajin ah long)

Lydia loves lobsters..(esp when they are in the cooking pot)

Tracy said that what they did to the fish is cruel..and i well have to agree with her although it looks kinda unique.

Who do you think will get the job? Lydia or May Jet?

Told you there were wacky signs all over this place..

Double trouble (okay i know this is cheesy)

Let's see who has the dirtiest table..contestant no. 1!!

Table 2 is not that dirty la..haha

The cleanest table of the three!

Getting ready to take pictures..

Audrey and her gadgets..

Jia Foong being tall for once..haha

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