Friday, November 16, 2007

Goodbye Form 4 life!!

Well, as we ALL know, today's the last day of school. Man, I'm seriously going to miss the good ol' days. Anyway, here are the pics..

Ee Xin, the big dai lou (haha..rmb this??) I must really thank her for her support and help throughout this year. I really appreciate it!! Zhi Hui said that I can't live without her..and well, I guess I have to agree (slightly!). Got to know her much much better this year and yeah, I've learnt a lot from her, namely how to be VERY VERY perasan..

The many faces of jia foong..

Flying kung fu style

Finally got her to take a decent picture..


Headache ad..

Our last day of the year in the canteen...

Dawn and Ka Yee and Chin were getting all the free stuff from the canteen funny, buy one, free 3?? madness..but anyway, good also la cz i got free food..

Had extra recess time because we accidentally (serious!) came out spent some time taking pics!

Another one..


Another 4s1 mishap, the broom head came off..

Fireman Zhi Hui

After gotong-royong

Storytelling time

What do you call those pencerita in the wayang kulit ah? Ka Yee was exactly like one..haha

Whatla Dawn going to Science 4

Haha..with my deskmate..LYDIA PANG KAI TSAN!! Thanks for bearing with me and listening to all my complaints (i know i grumble a lot). Miss those times where we'll criticize things behind the Sej textbook while listening to teacher. All the jokes and the laughter that we shared. Sometimes it's nice sitting next to you because i don't have to feel so guilty for finishing my work late cz there's always someone who will finish it later than me!! Well, didn't expect to sit with you this year but yeah, glad everything turned out quite well eh? Looking forward to sitting beside you next year.

Part of 4s1

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