Thursday, September 25, 2008

I present thee... more crap!

Lately I'm so free that it makes your ol' grandpa and grandma feel busy. And because I like to slack from responsibilities to surf the internet for trash interesting stuff, I shall spam you:

Fast IQ testing:
IQ Test
There're only 20 questions, it takes 10-15 minutes to 'gau tiam'. And as you can see, I've 150 IQ, which is by the way considered 'exceptionally gifted' according the site's score guide. Surprised? I was kinda disappointed with the results though. 'Cause when I was younger I took one kiddy kiddy for-kids-only IQ test and scored 160. I was so happy back then. Oh well mature brain cells don't divide, only die. =,=

It was estimated that Mr. no-comb-messy-hair Einstein got 161, Mozart who succeeded in composing scores htat made experimental mice smarter than me (I do get lost in a maze) got 165, Mr. GaGa (Galileo Galilei) got 185 and Mr. Pascal who I hate now because of one person scored 195. There're more geniuses listed in that site. Check it out yourselves if interested. Please tell me if you got a higher score. I'll er.. respect you more a little and stop being bitchy like I always did and use less rebukes when communicating with you.

Also I took another more accurate and complicated IQ test, with time limit when answering questions. And my score is... 116. Alamak!

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