Thursday, November 13, 2008

!important: Potential SPM tips

Um.. if you have some free time, please help me. I'm on the verge of discovering important hints of what should have been behind SPM's damn objective answer scheme.

First of all I need the correct answers for math paper 1. I can't find them anywhere on net; probably because people have been taking modern math as the least of their worries. So I resort to this method commonly known as 'comparing answers' in order to get what I need.

These are my answers for math paper 1:

1. C 11. B 21. B 31. A
2. B 12. A 22. A 32. D
3. C 13. D 23. D 33. A
4. C 14. B 24. B 34. D
5. B 15. A 25. A 35. D
6. A 16. B 26. D 36. C
7. D 17. B 27. B 37. C
8. A 18. C 28. C 38. B
9. D 19. D 29. C 39. A
10.C 20. A 30. B 40. D

I'm sure you all are familiar with this method... same answer = most likely correct, different answers = one is 100% wrong. Tell me if you have different answers. I'll relook at the questions.

And the rational reason for wasting your time is - I speculate that the answer statistics for SPM objective papers are A: 10, B: 10, C: 10 and D: 10 (10 As, 10 Bs, 10 Cs, 10 Ds as answers for 40 questions). For Sejarah, the statistic is precisely 10 each, but I've got A: 10, B: 11, C: 9 and D: 10 for my mod math's stats. One question wrong maybe? That's what I thought.

Please please please help out! This time I ask for nothing but everyone's warm-hearted assistance. All I hope is for everyone to get full As. Please don't ignore me and make an idiot like me feel like an idiot. I just want to continue this pretence--which I'm oh so smart--happily until I die. Also maybe this applies to our science objective papers as well. Think of how many people we could help... ourselves later and SPM 2009 candidates next year. Let's do a good deed and secure our reservations in heaven XD

Thank you and have a nice day. Keep studying hard. Make your parents proud.


Tracy said...


10 A
11 B
9 C
10 D

Same as you woh. Maybe they do use that rule, but they don't stick to it exactly

Junni said...

we both get all correct? =D

Tracy said...

yeaaaah :D

Tracy said...

uhh why can't my browser load the chatbox?