Saturday, November 29, 2008

all the best, Friends!! =)

hey wana use the class blog as a medium (lol) to wish all those whose exams are still on next week ALL THE BEST. iz seriously the last of the LAST for u guys. so All The Best n put in your all ler for this last 'leg' (anyone can correct me? iz the word alwiz used in amazing race.. lol).. of the race!!
let's see iz Prinsip Akaun on monday.
Prinsip Perakaunan 2 (3756/2) 2jam 30minit - 0800-1030
Prinsip Perakaunan 1 (3756/1) (aneka pilihan) 1 jam 15 minit - 1110-1225

so all the best to all those wana-be accountants on the loose and moz probably haunted with accounts for these last few days. by the looks of it, u all can do it geh lar.. u all worked so hard to cum this far.. i noe iz an eXtra subject for u all. so all the best..

especially to this girl by the name of Kanagambikai hu sits in front of me.. i support u the MOST. cuz i'm not worried bout the others at all.. they can do it.. BUT YOU LEH HOR.. alwiz not confident.. so hv more confidence and KILL your last paper wif your KILLER accounts skills.. hahaha =) muz ganbatte ooooo.. eh i support u leh.. dun jatuhkan my air muka ooooo.. MUST get A1 ok??? haha pressure u a bit..
next subject. tuesday - Ekonomi Asas
Ekonomi Asas 2 (3757/2) 2 jam - 0800-1000
Ekonomi Asas 1 (3757/1) (aneka pilihan) 1jam 15 minit - 1110-1225

hehe, dis wan, our class hu else take la, except the Genius hu dropped Physics.. dawn ong. haha so yea all the best to u too, bestie!! i din forget ur econs.. haha =) muz be easy kacang (term taught by bro) for u lar.. but muz be careful oooo.. dun think so much of ur 'plans' after ur paper 1 dat u cum out too fast.. LOL but leh mmg pressure la.. 3 invigilators : 1 student.. LOL

so yea.. this all the best post is just too LONG. guess wat?! i'm killing my time wif it.. so dun mind me..
last words (haha not dying yet)..

1) to the accountants, may your left-hand-side balance the right-hand-side (lol pardon me, duno the correct terms..) and may u all calculate those sums happily..

2) to the ahli ekonomi of the class.. may u glide thru ur exam easily ler.. duno much bout ekonomi asas too. but hope ur 'asas' is gud la..

3) and not to forget, to the rest of u like me, happy holidays!! =)

4) oh n wishing u all a be-earlied merdeka too
a) for the accountants, iz tuesday 01 december 2008, 1225 hours.
b) for the accountant cum ahli ekonomi, iz wednesday 02 december 2008, 1225 hours
lol the official times.. so happy happy merdeka luuuuuuuu....


signing out now,
-lydia- =)


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