Friday, November 7, 2008

The net's killing me.

I covered 1 chapter of Sejarah and I still think I can survive on Tuesday. I shit thee not! See how screwed I am now?

I'm screwing you too with this stupid vid.

Note: You must have at least some otaku's knowledge to get it.

"Commodore 64" <-- best reference ever. (C64 is a totally outdated home computer with 64KB of RAM but was totally win way back in the past [best-selling desktop computer].)

"What is this picture? Is this a man or a woman?"
"It's Final Fantasy." (Sephiroth, is that you?)

"What's with all these zippers? No person should have this many zippers. I don't care what fantasy it is." (lol'd my ass off)

I'm thinking.. my dad's like that? XD

"Well, I'm gonna go get a hose--wet you down--'cause you're an idiot." (Epic...)

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