Sunday, July 1, 2007

dumb case?!!

lol after much post by miss jessica loh, it needs to be reminded dat the class blog does not belong to her.. hehe here to report wat happened on thursday 28th june..

ccl charged us with Akta Kebisingan once again.. hehe she was saying dat we were starting to get noisy again especially the monitor. then chin defended us n herself. the prosecutor continued by giving the evidence dat chin was ‘oh yea-ing’ the whole time she was teaching. Lol. "Is dat wat u call quiet??" Lol the defending side (us) laughed. Wakakaka!

She proceeded by saying dat nxt time when chin asks the class to get quiet we shall reply by “OH YEA” haha=) N then next time class reunion (she think until so far eh?!!), when chin ask us to keep quiet we shall ‘oh yea’ again, like a class trend.. Omigosh ccl can be darn funny sumtimes. At least dis time she sanggup play wif us lar.. not lk last time wif her ‘so-funny-meh?’ look when she shows clear annoyance wif us. Haha!

she stopped when she sensed dat chin is embarassed. i duno lar i din see chin's face..

aiseh conclusion, the defence is speechless. the prosecutors strong points! succeeded in proving her case.. the verdict : guilty!! haha dumb court case.. juz wana try sumthing a lil difference.. we alwiz blog lk telling story.. trying to make it a court case lol.. my own conclusion : percubaan gagal!! doesn't seem lk a court case. dun hv the talent to blog dy..

dats all.. the failed attempt by,
_dia =)

*at least i tried!!*

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