Monday, July 2, 2007

saturday school days are fun!~

well well.. hehe i'm bACKK!! see la. i blog on our class blog even before i go touch MY blog. ishh ishhh say thank you la ppl. =) anyways. there u gooo.. e videos will be up soon i guess. but i HATe uploading videos. it's like SUPER long n makes u wanna zzzzzzzzzz :D
YO!! e gangster piccc!!! love it LOL
i can't find e retard pic la. n i'm lazy to post it also. nvm lar. HEHE

oh yeah, e famous ruler that DIED.

n resurrected!!!!!
=) lydia la. everyone enjoying. she do mod maths wor. LOL

melanie chong jia foong yang tidak mahu ambil gambar. CIS. letchumi-xin look like a robber here!!! HAHAHAHHA it was actually because of e haze that brought super smelly smell HAHA. n so she made good use of her tie that was practically hanging there. HAHA

*ahem* we were testing their eye sights. HAHA yiwen is super blind lar. jess leh.. hmm dun play play la. can see wan ar!! HAHAHA

MAYJET's EVER FAMOUS HONEY STARSSSSSSS!!!! do u see stars now????

oh jessica's ruler's graveyard HAHA

aiya. cleaning up e stupid staff room la. make my nose all red only. cis

i tell u. we are super retarted.

FYI. it's melanie chong showing off her 'MUSCLES'.


FUIYOH! karate!!!

oh this one. we were going to kebun angkat haha. me n sok wai took the super long way. so yeah, took pic lo.

then those monkeys came down e stairs n POSEDDD haha.

well, all i can say is that day was super fun lehh!! HEHE we rock man!!!! =)


Jess said...

walau..we do rock eh!! good post may jet!! must have took a super long time to post.

yen yen waaaaaaaakakakakkkakkakakak said...

yeah, letchumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeejet jet! one thing, though! where is that very sexy picture of you where you half took off your uniform and posed??????????????

yen yen waaaaaaaakakakakkkakkakakak said...
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MeToy said...

who is yen yen?? HAHA ermmm. i've just decided not to post OBSCENE pics here. =)

Qi Yen said...

aiyo, letchumee jet jet. yen yen waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakakakakakakakakaka= qi yen
some people call me yen yen. thats because malay teachers in amc often call my name in a very "funny" way. sometimes it gets reaally frustrating. instead of Qi Yen they pronounce it as Oi Yen. so i cut it short to yen yen. your sexy pic too obscene? okay. better not post it then. your post is great, though. really enjoyed it.Jess is right! it totally rawwwwwwks! i like the pic featuring jess' upacara perkuburan. you know, the one with the yellow honey stars, for her soul to rest in peace! how long did you take to post it?

lydia said...

nice post! totally got the class feel.. this is exactly wat we shud blog about: class activity! thanx for keeping it alive!! =)

sokwai said...

lydia was right..... very seldom we actually have all dis kind of class activity.... luckily you brought ur camera... hehe....
neway, nice post....

MeToy said...

awwww everyone. i feel like i just got grammy awards. thank you so much for yr compliments. first of all i would like to thank GOD for giving me e opportunity to win this! n then my parents. for giving birth to me. my sisters. for guiding me. my friends, for loving me. n of course. all my FANSSS!!!! can i hear u scream??? bla bla bla

aiyo. ok la ennuf of shiok sendiri-ing LOL.