Saturday, July 7, 2007

F.A.T Disciples (CF Day Camp)- the uncensored version..haha

Sister Sherene from SONG
Bubba doing acrobatics..I don't know about you, but it looks kinda wrong..haha

And the winner for the Miss So Lame pageant is....BUBBA!!! (During the session..haha..naughty naughty..)

Oops..someone's maruah diancam..
May Jet and Charis

Group discussion...look at Dawn, macam boss sahaja..

May Jet and her lawfully wedded wife, or so she says..

If Bubba (cicakwen) can read the Bible, why can't YOU?

This d.syndrome fella loves cicakwen too much, so much so that she didn't let poor Fiona hold her.

Makan Makan!!!

Potty think they two sesat toilet la..

Phuiyan: "Eeee...Don't take my pic!!!" So, the moral of the story is..beware when i take your picture cz it might just end up in the class blog!! xin looking annnoyed..

What is rojak sauce plus jelly beans? A SUPER disgusting game of course..

After the balloon game, group 4.

Guess who's this?? It's our one and only ms. Lim Yee Ling with cream all over her face

Sok Wai taking a potshot at Yee Ling's face..haha..all her group members picking up the jellybeans..

Sok Wai..trying NOT to get wet..

What are they doing ah??

oh i get it..haha

Look at may jet..what is she thinking?? Watering flowers is it??

Si pintar at the games

Attempt 1 at taking the Science 1 pic

Attempt 2

Finally got it right..haha

Charis and Sin Yee: "Phew, these guys stink!!" (after games)

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