Saturday, July 14, 2007

the flyer

lol i noe iz a lil too late and i kinda forgot bout it.. found it while i was searching thru my files. lemme proudly say dat this cekap flyer n the most stylish flyer of mgs pesta ria 2007 is cekap-ly done by our miss kwokphuiyan!! *applause please!!* hehe =)

i seriously think dat it is done real nicely.. duncha think?!

juz voicing out my lil appreciation.. i reali liked the flyer designs.. too bad phuiyan deleted the other 2.
iz a cekap 4s1 flyer!! we rock..

* btw phuiyan if u r reading this, try posting the class t-shirt design in our class blog.. dun let it stay stagnant n rot in ur blog. at least here u'll get credit from us!! hehe =)



some lil edit-ing ..
*** oh yea btw when i was typing for this simple yet nice flyer (hehe quote from jessica) i forgot 4sc1 (us lah, hu else jek?!!) lol got THE BEST FOOD STALL!! jess, thx for reminding me! muz bangga a bit jek. we got lotsa sponsors n we worked hard for it.. can't say we dun deserve to win.. tho the amount of cash we won was pure disappointing n barely covered our expense. tot there wud be more. anywayz iz for the skul n we din let our class down. we even made pn wan proud. job well done evry1!!


Jess said...

yeah, i like the flyer too! it's so simple, yet nice...and we got the best stall for the food section!! not bad eh??

lydia said...

lol oh yea i kinda forgot bout dat.. forgot to talk bout it.. must state it thr.. i'm gona edit the post.. hehe muz bangga mah stall terbaik!

qi yen said...

yeah, saw pn wan grinning like there is no tommorow during the
minnie prize giving ceremony!!!
the flyer is glomorous and our stall is the best. 4s1 is rocking the world!!!!!