Friday, July 20, 2007

hari anugerah snapshot

well this is d link to sokwai's blog. iz d snapshot which i think is kinda funny.. read my reply to the pic to see my 'brilliant' caption.. haha darn funny..

here it goes : guess wat they're looking at

actuali iz juz chin hugging kayee's SINGAPORE bag tightly jek.. hehe juz c lar for a gud laugh..
junni, got u inside oso ar.. this is the 1 pic which got chin n junni together wan.. lol

in the end, lets thank sokwai for uploading this funny pic to her blog.. thank you again..
hav a gud laugh evryone..

p/s : if u dun think iz funny then sorrylar.. =)
oh yea mayjet u can link sokwai's blog to the class blog too! hehe dats our webmistress's job jek..

_dia =)

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