Friday, June 29, 2007

so jess , here i am posting now la. HAHA

for u ppl that didn't know, i went for swim comp in ACS today. so, e swim was oklah. nothing much to blog bout it. just that AMC won us this time. HAHA. oh well. dun care. at least we got 2nd. =)

today school was kinda fun. helena din come to class, so we were TALKING. haha me, eexin, kayee, chin, lydia n jess were CHATTING bout family. ehehe it was kinda fun! :pp
n then bio. normal la. n teacher gonna belanja us pizza!! haha i lazy to state e reason so. no need la.
then after bio was addmaths. haha NO HOMEWORK> haha i guess he was also waiting for us to give him more strawberries! LOL. but so sorry dun have. haha
then then, recess!! today's recess siaoooo so many ppl. all e form 2s were there. usually friday's 2nd recess is like EMPTY. haha today was totally FULL . n yeah . i was ten-tening wif my honeystars. n a lot of ppl ate them. 3 cheers for my honeystars for being able to attract so many ppl! YAY!!!! HAHA. my down syndrome is back.
oh well. then it was BM. kinda ok la. as usual. lailatul n her sacarsicm. actually i kinda enjoyBM classes. i dunno y. but it's fun.
maths. was boring la. i nearly fell asleep. until e bell rang! HAHA n BYE BYE! go home hehe

so ppl. enjoy gotong royong-ing 2moro k.. n we must take more picsss!! =) see ya!

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letchumi yen said...

yeesh! ever since chin gave MR cheang the strawberries i swear he's had a change of heart. anyway, amc won! hurrah! mgs did great too! hehe.............