Monday, June 25, 2007

GB Camp 2007!!

Waiting for the bus to came so late!!!
(look at hong's ridiculous smile =D)

Arriving at camp


Group 8 (Leptos) -after devotion

Sok wai berposing..haha

Group 7 (Pistos) with their crushed banana..

Debbie's game, where they had to slide down the muddy slope and make a human pyramid..

Group pic after the game, they got the apple..and they had the most rounds.

Ka Yee: Tired out after the game..haha

The banana game..the lucky fellas..=D

Remnants from the banana game..see the crushed bananas?


Serene..(love this pic)

Hanging out before breakfast..

Letchumi Jet, during breakfast..did I mention that she has a severe case of d.syndrome?

The bread the winning group was supposed to eat..I bet it was yummy! (bread+chili sauce+toothpaste)

Took this while we were leaving..who do you spot?

Zhi Hui and her funny face..see the hand there? That's sok wai' the market
The mother of the class....our beloved monitor!! looking at some stuff at the market
Some Spongebob plush toy i saw on the way back from the market..cute eh?

GB camp 2007 rocks!!

That's all i have in my cam. I have a video, and once i figure out how to post it here i will. Sorry, didn't get the important part of the know, sessions..bla bla bla. Didn't really have time to hang out with u all..but I'm glad most of you enjoyed the camp!

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letchumeeeeeeeeee yen said...

jessica, you really have the talent to post la. maybe you should let pn ang see this. she will fall in love with it! whose spongebob toy was it? was it yours? aiyo! sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!