Saturday, June 16, 2007

Future lawyers? Part 1.

Okaayyy, this is starting to turn into MY blog. Eh, am i the only member in 4S1? Anyway, since I'm so good and kind-hearted, I shall update you guys about the Law Olympiad 2007, organized by the HELP University College that me, Audrey, May Jet, Lydia and Phui Yan took part yesterday (Sat, 16/6/07).

While half the class woke up at what, 4.00 am? We could nicely wake up at 7.30am. Jealous? Anyway, when I arrived at the front gate of main convent, I could see May Jet, Lydia and Audrey. Okay, so I was not the latest. They were waiting for me outside the gate with the other 5S3 girls who also took part. Alrigth, maybe not waiting for ME only lah, Phui Yan and Pn. Pushpinder were nowhere to be found, yet.

So we were waiting outside the gate for both of them. I forgot to mention, we were dressed in our PJ attire with jeans. We could see all the contestants coming in, dressed smartly in their school uniform, most of them in prefect's uniform, blazers and all. Alamak, we look so unprofessional compared to those people. Nevermind that, we were waiting and waiting, even one of the contestants asked us to go inside, maybe we look so pathetic waiting outside or what, we finally decided to give up waiting for them and went inside.

Then we saw Yi Wei. What on earth? We're competing against the Form 6 students too? As you can see, we were every intimidated. Yi Wei has more general knowledge than all of us put together! As we entered, we saw the AMC girls, MC girls, all reading something. Wah, so prepared lah they all! Anyway, we went and registered (be reminded that phui yan was not there yet) and we entered the hall.

The tables were all arranged in groups, we were group number 5 and was placed behind ACS and in front of SMI. The HELP guy gave us a plastic file and some brochures abt HELP and all those. Since we had ZERO books with us to read, we took the brochures and started reading, talk about unprepared and unconcerned! It was almost 9.00a.m, and Phui Yan was not here yet.

Phui Yan arrived and she sat down beside Audrey. Lydia and May Jet were on the opposite side and i was, somewhere in the middle. It's hard to describe because there are no pics. Anyway, the competition began.

First was the game 'whodunnit?'. They give you 3 mysteries and you were supposed to find the culprit and give 3 reasons why you chose the fella. Phui Yan and Audrey and Mystery 1, about some real estate guy getting poisoned in the restaurant, I did Mystery 2 alone (sad huh?) , which was about a hairbrush once owned by Abraham Lincoln getting stolen during a dinner party. Lydia and May Jet did Mystery 3, about a lady getting poisoned during a vacation. Quite interesting. We managed to get all the culprits right. We got a 26/30, our reasons must be inaccurate lah..

The came the Trivia Quiz. The killer. There's 4 sections, if I'm not mistaken, quotes by famous people, cliches, places, and general knowledge. The places section was hard, maybe because we didn't read about it but yeah, HARD. Nothing much to say about it cz we did BADLY. We got 9.5 marks only. But the highest was 14 marks. SO everyone did badly.

What's you verdict? was the third game. We are to play the role of a judge, passing out a sentence. We have to determined whether the accused is guilty or not and the reasons why. There were 2 sentences. Can't remember out score for this one.

4th game was Best Plea and Alibi (maybe i mixed this up with the what's your verdict? I can't remember which came first). Anyway, we had to put ourselves in a defense lawyer's shoes and be creative. We had to use our imagination to create a story to defend our client. All the dumb and smart ideas all came out. Can't remember the score for this one as well.

Okay, I'm tired of typing. Till the next part.

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