Thursday, June 21, 2007

Future lawyers? Part 2. lazy to write this, but since I have to continue...

Game 5. Reason-Able. We had to complete the flow chart. Sounds easy? Not. They gave us 2 flow charts to fill. One carried the title, "Should the youth be permitted to take part in political debates?". Another was," Should cloning and (something) be legalised." Well, managed to think of reasons and objections to write down.

Lunch break. Yipee!! Ate packed nasi kunyit with chicken..they gave us ANOTHER bottle of water. As lydia says, "We tak kekurangan water in this competition." Believe me. The expert (Lydia) knows best.

Lunch was over. Trotted back to the hall after our potty break (as one of the lawyer guy calls it..he speaks english in a very refined kind of way..favourite of the lot. =D). Anyway, back to the story. We were about to witness the mock trial held by the lawyers. The case was about a teenager who beat up another schoolmate. The mock trial was not bad. We even had to rise for court and all that. The judge (the guy who speaks very refinely(?)) was super funny. I quite enjoyed it, I must say.

After that. Results. RESULTS. We weren't really grabbing the edges of our seat to know the results cz we really didn't expect to win anyway. They showed the scores up on the screen. We got 5th place (actually it was 6th cz there were 2 teams tied at the 2nd spot). Not badla. All in all, i think all of us kinda enjoyed the experience..right???

Ps: OI..those who went for the sunway trip. post la ur experiences here!

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