Saturday, October 17, 2009

Speaking of exams..

You guys are currently in your exam period, correct?

I'm not...yet.

Still have a month to go before exam starts. Argh, have to shake them cobwebs out of my brain. My attention span nowadays is so shor..SQUIRREL!

Hope you guys are coping with the stress and all Haha.

Oh thanks Lydia for the update of your life! And thanks for the birthday wishes people, whether smsed or on facebook. Appreciate it all!

My sis and friends surprised me on my birthday midnight! It was kinda cool of them to do touched..aih..

Maybe there'll be a more detailed account in my blog soon..that is IFi have the motivation to do so.

Yeah, that's my life. Preparing for an oral presentation that is worth 20% so I can't afford to screw it up because my end of the year essay which is worth 30% will be hard to score in so hopefully I won't mumble jumble on Tues. Drama exam coming up to and we are YET to think of a plot. Bleh. It's supposed to be this dark drama like V for Vendetta, Brave New World kinda vibe. Hope we can pull it off.

Okay, pretty long update from me. Find it fun just spamming the class blog with boring details of my life. If you got this far I congratulate you, after all, all of us are looking for boring stuff to read sometimes.

See ya!
PS: I'll be only going back to Aus in Feb so yeah sure there's time to see most of you I hope.

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lydia said...

gud to see u update too!! eh wat about december??? not coming bac jor??