Friday, September 14, 2007

not angry....

this was one of my blogs sum other day..and i was feeling frustrated..

i've never really said this before...but i hate today!!!

everybody is like letting me down...nothing is going well...and the people that i placed my trust is betraying me...gosh...

and to some other people, i just wanna say :
* it yourself lah..dammit...*

prefect's farewell is not going well...just wish that somebody will gimme a piece of good news now...i was really excited and looking forward but haih...everything's i've been doing right now is like for the pleasure of other people...I JUST WANNA BURST!

i'm really trying my best here, so STOP dampening my spirit....


and the replies:
jessloh91 wrote on Sep 9
oh oh..well..sorry if u are mad with me..and don't worry..prefect's farewell is gonna be fine..

miyagami wrote on Sep 9
was it da day dat jia foong and joanna was absent? if so i think (i guess) i noe hu liao. haha! juz guessing... don b so bothered la! scarry la... ,,-_-'' (body shaking in fear)

sokwai91 wrote on Sep 8
yeah, hu bothered you sooooo much??? about the person who betray u, i have no idea hu is dat..... but sorry if i made u angry........*i have the feeling that u were angry with me but i forgot when was it*

lydia01 wrote on Sep 7
yea sorry too.. did i bother u? did i betray u? *puzzled*

naikiru wrote on Sep 6
sorry if i let u down...

HAHAAHAHAHA....NO LAH...I AM NOT ANGRY...i just saw the replies today and whoa...hahahaha...aiyo..i wont be angry with you people kela....tak sangka i'm so scary when in a bad mood...hahahaha...jgn takut jek...not any of u ppl lah...just some unknowns...hahaha....

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