Friday, August 24, 2007


For lack of imagination of a better have to be satisfied with today, half the class was at kit yee's dad's office to practice drama and for some of us, senamrobik. Please be reminded that the pictures are no chronologically arranged.

so audrey and I reached the place around 10.40 a.m..and we dgn sesatnya found the place..thanks to my brilliant instincts..and luckily kit yee's mum was first we thought no one was in and we dare not knock..haha..but she let us in..

lonely so lonely..(time: 10.45a.m.)

2 becomes 4..(including me of course)-time:11.45a.m.

Finally everyone is here (time: 12.45p.m.)

Mayjet: Eh, what's inside ah?? THAT's what's inside..

so what happened after this is that mayjet and her wonderful ideas..stole jamie's hairclips, and threw them to me and audrey. So tambah my lagi brilliant ideas..i decided to put it in the cooler, on top of the water bottle, the one seen in the pic..haha..and we totally forgot about it because everyone came in.

So the food was set..when kit yee's mother wanted to take the water from the should have seen the look on her face..haha..shock mixed with horror. You should have seen our faces too..we were going to laugh but then we were scared cz we didn't noe how kit yee's mum will react. So yeah..she took the clips and asked kit yee, who didn't know anything abt it. And in it went into the dustbin. So that was that. HAHA

*but we told lydia who told kit yee who told her yeah..jamie didn't get back her clips because she didn't want it after it was dumped in the dustbin..haha


practicing drama..chin learning how to pray properly..haha

Lydia posing like a model..fuiyohh

Lydia has a thing for fans..esp high tech ones..

We ended at 2 la..haha...didn't do much actually...lazed around a lot..but was fun seeing frens again after 'so' long..


lydia said...

darn it (mayjet's least fave phrase!) u muz alwiz post things lk dat to 'kek' me. lol duno y lar but i noticed u lk to take weird pics of me.. iz as if i'm a reali weird person or i fit in those weird pics reali well.. weirdogenic?! u tell me.. lol

Jess said... u SEEM to be doing the weirdest things..haha..and the funniest too! so..haha..jgn susah hati la..

sokwai said...

lol, lydia, inilah seatmate kamu.... wat to do??? u r the one who will do weird & funny stuff other than mayjet.....some more, no one is willing to be jessica's model, so she had to make u her model lo....and u r so close to her.. mmg patut la... haha....
u wan weird photos, i got loads.... wan it???

MeToy said...

BhAHAHA sokwai, I DO WEIRD N FUNNY STUFF???? cis. haha

lydia said...

*raising an eye* mayjet, looks lk some ppl say we are weirdos.. any comment bout those genius-es?!! lol

jess, aiseh no need take pics of me lar.. it wudn't sell cuz there's no market.. unlike your market. i suggest u take pics of urself, more untung! haha!