Friday, August 17, 2007

Thoughts (edited)

Okay, since all of you know that I was bestowed upon the heaviest responsibility on any person in the school, the school head prefect.

I bet everyone is curious on what i feel when hearing my name being announced. Well,basically, i was shocked, stunned maybe. Honestly didn't expect la, but well, glad i have 2 responsible ppl for my deputies.. (gonna give them a lot of work to do..don't worry)

Parent's reactions?
My mum was giving me the stuff for CF (guitar and all)
Me: Mum, you know what..i got head prefectship..
Mum: Oh?
(I rushed to the classroom with my heavy stuff)

During dinner, dad was eating rice and fish, if i'm not mistaken..was having a conversation with mum and we were both wondering how my sister knew the news before i even told her..
Dad: What are you all talking about?
Mum: (to me) I haven't told him yet..u also haven't tell him ah?
Me: No..(looks to mum)
Mum: You tell lah..
Me: Ok..well, i'm going to be the next head prefect....
Dad: (almost gonna spit out his rice) What? You?

Well...u guys get the idea..haha

*My sis knew about through MSN, thruogh Luei Jia Qi..ish..kinda wanted to tell her myself and her her reaction...sigh

Our BM teacher thinks me and ee xin owe her something..haha..but i think an OSIM chair is too far, ramly burger would be good enough right?? at least is better than 1 fishball..( i suggested that the previous day) haha..well, hmm..would like to see if she really DID belanja us if we didn't get leh..(indulgence wo...haha)

Pn. Murizan really thought i wanted to call my mum to tell her the (good?) news..haha..she asked me abt 3 times. Even during fire drill, she asked me whether i needed a handphone or kind..but yeah..was not really in the rush to tell the whole world, solar system, milky way, the universe..and so on and so forth..

Okay..enough of OTHER people's reactions...hmm..well..i just really hope i live up to expectations i told lydia..poor seatmate...she is worried that i'll complain to her't worry i'm not the whiny kind of person. But yeah..I mean, it takes a lot to carry out all the duties, as well as doing well in other stuff, you know, the usual, studies, sports..bla bla my dad says i have to work doubly hard now (kisses internet goodbye) Oh well, that's a sacrifice i have to make..

Thanks to all those who congratulated me today..really appreciate your support..Hasvany said that she thinks i'm gonna be the next yoke mun (those who don't know who's that, her b'day was the unofficial hari MGS,..yeah, you get the picture) But the truth is, I don't wanna be just another Yoke Mun..I want to be better than that. I know she is a person that never tires in helping teachers and other ppl, and i don't think i will be able to pull that off as well as her..but i want to be a someone more, more than just helping people and upholding the school rules, a person who does what she believes in, a person who is not afraid to voice out her opinions at something she does not feel right. I want to be a role model. I want to be a good example to others. I want to be someone where fear is not part of her vocabulary.

But it is ever so hard.

Reality is sinking in..slowly, and i start duties after hols..phew..and speaking of hols, got tons and tons of homework...arrgghh..

Since i have to be a good girl i have to do at least half la..haha

To quote Ben Parker in Spiderman 1,
"With great power, comes great responsibility.."



JO[e]L said...

haha penceroboh the reactions! A burger and 2 fishballs should be enough XD Gd luck with your upcoming duties and *enjoy* your hols !

Anonymous said...

I can actually cry after reading this lovely post and once again, I do not know why. HAHA.

Oh yea, but I did not. only if I want to.


sokwai said...

........... *speechless*...........