Wednesday, January 12, 2011

time to stay alive!!!


3THEIR CURRENT RELATIONSHIP STATUS (just because we wanna see whose wedding invitation we'll receive first :D)

p/s sokwai or chin, do u all still have the class list?? hahahahahahhahaha


lydia said...

u hv my current blog address although it was inactive since august 2010. im doing my 2nd sem now. just started.. first year in pharmacy. iz a 4 year programme.. and for the last question, dun laugh, but im doing okay.. LOL XD

Ka Yee said...

Ka Yee Teoh accountancy year 2. Single!!!! Hahahaha

kmunnie said...
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kmunnie said...

blog address: -
course of study: plan to take architecture n now working
relationship status: single XP

Anonymous said...

Hi. The name is Dawn, Year 2 Bachelor of Applied Finance major in accountancy. :DDD hahaha sounds as though I'm in an orientation session. Unfortunately, I'm still single and unavailable. Lol! and I'm currently working in ISH. If you're admitted tothe hospital for who knows what reason, I might be able to pay you a visit! Hehe

Lydia: year 1 pharmacy sounds so cool lor :)) jealous nyer..

Kayee: back for cny?? :D

lydia said...

@ dawn : haha iz not cool at all.. trust me.. i noe best.. *winks* haha XD

im coming bac to ipoh on morning of jan 29!! XD

lydia said...

btw im in USM Penang =)

audrey said...

You guys all sound so pro telling your course and year. XD Anyway I dont have a blog, just find me on Facebook lah. Im in Monash doing medicine, year 2. And I'm still together with lucas lol.

kmunnie said...

start skul around june or maybe august at northen virginia community college.

Ee Xin said...

ehh dawn, why aren't you available???

Ee Xin Wong
1. 2. first year majoring in economics in university of chicago
3. in a relationship. wedding invitation? dream on... :P

Anonymous said...

Ee xin: you're in a relationship dy?!!? Fast duo! Whoooo

Ohh, I'm in taylors university college. My course collaborates with university of south Australia in Adelaide.

Ka Yee said...

Dawn!! Nope won't be back for cny! ;( hope to see u soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeesan here

1)active blog:

2)just finished form 6


Phuiyan said...


Hi, I'm Phui Yan.

Current blog address -->

I'm still in INTI International University (ok, yes, they've got the university status hahaha) doing Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering, finishing this August.

I'm attached to Kevin Quah. Haha, wedding invitation, haha, you guys slowly wait for another 6-7 years ok? :)) haha

Jess said...

Jessica Loh


Course: 2nd year Biomedicine at Uni of Melbourne

Status: Attached to my PRS Tremonti SE and Bruton Hampden Skyline (two seems more fun then one I think...hahah)

kanaga said...

hey everyone.....i just finished my stpm and currently working in the store jln kampar as a part time promoter...:)
relationship status: single

Sok Wai said...

Sok Wai here.

1] Blog address :

2] I have just completed STPM and is currently jobless. Will be getting a job after CNY because I want long holiday during CNY.

3] Relationship status : Single :D I'm not as lucky as Ee Xin... What to do?

p/s: I don't have the name list from the very beginning but I think I can still remember who's in our class... Roughly..

Yvonne Yip said...

..woohoo..juz got 2 currently in 2nd year 1st sem in petroleum engineering..DOUBLE!!..haha..:P

Anonymous said...

Hello. Kit Yee here :D I don't really have a blog..haha..I'm currently in my 2nd year taking a Diploma in Visual Communication in Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. I'm still single~ lol

Anonymous said...

hi=)yee ling here..i currently in 1st year 2nd sem in UTP studying electrical & electronic engineering.still single..haha.

Dawn said...

HAHAHAHA why our class so depressing wan. almost three quarter is single -.-"

kana: I thought you got married after spm? *arranged marriage*

Anonymous said...

ELLLLOOOO!!! JAMIE here. :) no active blog now. dead since early 2009. currently working part time but soon going into studies for Pharmacy @ Monash. audrey's junior. sighs. still single.

@kana : yeahh i agree with Dawn. what happened to arranged marriage?

kanaga said...

Dawn and Jamie..haha that plan is cancelled....maybe love marriage...:)))))

lydia said...

im here again!! lol.. if u noticed, i said i was 'doing okay' in the 3rd question.. but since u r putting it as SINGLE, kindly add 'but unavailable' in small caps or u can put 'not married mah'.. LOL XD haha.. details should be in my blog if i do update my long abandoned blog.. lol XD so for now, i appreciate no questions till i finally get to update my blog =) *peace* thanks mayjet!!

ユカナ vi Britannia said...

I know Lydia's dirty little secret!

The truth is- the dirty secret is not dirty at all! LOL

Zhi Hui here: (Sometimes I forget that I was in 4S1)

First year Degree in Forensic Science USM Kubang Kerian Kelantan

Status: Walking corpse. single and is never gonna be available.

Sok Wai said...

Zhi Hui!! You are such a sadist! Are you sure you are going to be unavailable forever? Who knows you might end up like Ee Xin.. woots woots..

jiafoong said...

jiafoong here..studying degree psychology at the pathetic utar, kampar....2 1/2 more years before i could leave that pathetic place. relationship status as usual..emo love complicated..hahah

Junni said...

Hi. Idiot here.

Blog status: Memento mori since August 14, 2010.

Course: A-levels, KYUEM. Law in future. Hopefully conveyancing or probate. (Whole course may be changed during my next mood-swing-driven menstruation.)

Love life: Taken by the Cold War and Sino-Soviet Split. But I would marry you now if you catch the "reference".

Shameless promotion: Since I might be taking probate, I'd be utter happy to administer all your properties when you die. Just make sure you do it BEFORE you meet your maker. And please, don't get offended by this. It's not like you'll be living forever anyway.

ユカナ vi Britannia said...

Junni is a better sadist then me.

Sok Wai said...

Can see that. Her words never fail to make me ==" or laugh...

Jinkyung Jang(Jiafoong) said...

omg....junni'a words are sharp but true..........xD

Junni said...

Oh come on, in no way am I sadistic. I'm not doing all these out of pleasure, just simple common sense to feed myself a living.

I only speak the truth okay. Why do people always assume otherwise? Only Jia Foong understands me <3!!

Looks like I need to reopen the emo corner. Sigh..

zhiying said...

Hi guys!!!
Mong here=)

No change in blog address,but blog has been dead since September 2010.
Has been reminding myself to revitalize it every single day( even one simple sentence will do!!!)
However, i seems to be doing every other thing except BLOGGING.....
oh well.....

Is currently based in a vet clinic for learning purposes.
Would be heading to Australia around mid of February to take up Bachelor of Veterinary Science in University of Queensland


zhiying said...

btw, TRACY!!!!

I thought ur aiming for a vet too???

ur actually doing design now, WOW!!

Junni said...

Wooo! We finally got a vet here! Boo to tracy.

Tracy said...

lol ditched vet and took design XD

but I still have mah kittehs~ <3

and JUNNI MY LOVE MY LOU GONG!!! oh my, your painful and passionate words from the recesses of your cold, black heart make me swoon~~!!!

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