Saturday, May 30, 2009



How's everyone doing??!! Well, since Jessica and Sok Wai mentioned the blog is dying, so I thought might as well I post something while watching Boys Over Flowers :)) HEHEH.

Anyways, Chin and Ee Xin, REMEMBER TO LET US KNOW WHERE ARE YOU GOING AFTER GETTING YOUR OFFER LETTER!! I was telling Ee Xin to aim for Princeton, where my Economics tutor came from!!! HAHAHAH. So cool right!! And he worked at Wallstreet and he's going back to Wallstreet after this Semester!! (Okay, why am I talking about my Economics tutor??!!)

And looks like F6 is being pretty good for most of you, HAHAH. except your Maths teacher, I heard. LOL. And 25 MUET essays for holidays??!?!?!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?

GOSH, which reminds me, Puan Helena's english essay from last year (and 2 years ago ones) are still not complete yet. LOL. [Sorry :((]

Okay, another confession, I also didn't complete Mr Cheang's trigonometry Additional Mathematics homework! : ((((

But 25 essays? I wish you all luck :))

AND I MIGHT BE BACK IN JUNE (Hopefully, if there's no Sailing)

And Zhi Hui is in Malacca??!?!!?! Why so fast and she didn't mention much in her blog also? (p/s Zhi Hui, my driving license is still with you hor.)

And and and, I just came back from Sentosa Island yesterday with my classmates! HEHEH. It was pretty fun, weather was crazy hot, but yeah, it was kind of nice :)

AND next next week is my Common Test :(( Financial Accounting on a Saturday morning. How pathetic. SIGH.

Anyways, pictures from Sentosa!! HEHEH.

My class, TA02! :)))

@ Siloso beach.

Okays, I need to go and do my tutorial work! HEHEHE.

Take care everyone!!!!!!! :))))

Have a great weekend!

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Jess said...

haha..thanks for the update! God knows how long i haven't updated my blog. Coming back in june? until how long? i'm coming back at the end of June..