Monday, June 16, 2008

Veggie tales!

I'm sure many of you have not heard abt veggie tales eh.. Basically it's a kiddy show which tells bible lessons through vegetables as characters! hence the name veggie tales. Most of my friends know the existence of this delightful show cz well, i like to annoy them with my endless singing of the veggie tales song..haha. Glenna esp used to be entertained by the water buffalo song in form 2 and 3. Now mayjet was introduced to veggie tales the veggie tale movement is taking place! Yay!

Well, they don't only have bible lessons between there are usually silly songs by larry, who by the way is a cucumber. So..there's this song called we are the pirates who don't do anything by relient K..extremely funny and cute! Watch.

well in the veggie tales the song was like this la (but u have to admit the lego figurines are cool! fan here)

So enjoy! If you search youtube, there are a lot of veggie tales if u have the time..go through them, you won't be disappointed!

*err..veggie tale management, do i get my commission now?*


qi yen said...

haha. very cool post, jess!!!! me like the cucumber! so cuuuuute! cuter than spongebob squarepants! cutie pie! mr. potato has a weird accent, though. and the captain is plain grouchy!!!

Junni said...

psst... another lego fan right here! My brother and I used to fight over lego toys when we were younger. Most of the time I'm the one who started the war.. though I can't remember why I did.

Also, if you tell me to do anything, I'll just tell you that I don't do anything XD