Monday, May 26, 2008

A notice put up out of emoness

Remember the times before exam when I was feeling so so damn emo and kept blabbing about making an emo club? (This is Junni btw) Well, I wasn't emo only before exam, the truth is emo IS my personal trait and I'm being very very serious about establishing that emo club. Serious enough to announce the commencement of 'Project Emo' at 1224 hour, on 27th May 2008, in front of my rusty laggy stupid pathetic computer.

*pressed the 'enter' button on keyboard harder than usual*
For this project, me (Junni) and Tracy planned to convert our emoness in the form of stress, angst, hatred, joy, maybe a little lust (or a lot), etc into html body element display text. In human words, we're basically making a crack!site to post all the afore-mentioned crap. We had already decided that the site will be a livejournal community webpage. But the layouts and settings are left undone. Since I'm totally the opposite of the artsy fartsy kind of people and I am not sure whether Tracy, the super artsy fartsy type could handle it all or not, I would like to recruit some of you emo people out here to help out. Non-emo people that are kind enough could lend a hand too but i'm telling ya flatly that you'll get nothing out of it. (I'm acting like a total bitch again) As for emo people, it's not exactly a must for you to contribute something. As long as you're emo, you're a member, that's for sure. My only hope is that you guys won't act dead like you usually do or something like that in that line that makes you seemed inactive to others. I know many of you like to 'explore' but are SO careful to not leave any traces behind. Maybe for the fear of your activities being monitored by SWAT or yourself being a lock-target of a pro hitman hired by a notorious alias-using mafia boss that wants your head off no matter what because you, the unlucky innocent one, god-knows-how accidently pissed that so-happen-to-be pms-ing fellow and god-knows-what trouble you've stirred... Haiz, cut the crap, though some of you are really really busy or maybe you have some other reasonable reason, what I'm trying to say here is that, let's try our best, you know... as a community perhaps. (What the heck! I made some trivial things like posting crap sound serious and important!)

So... briefly, here's the plan for the project.
1. Theme: gloomy/angsty/dark (you know... to leave an emo atmosphere/impression)
2. Pictures, logos, header required. I'm thinking basing the site on mushrooms, since it's the closest thing to emo. (I can't do this because I'm downright hopeless at drawing =.=//)
3. Bodybackground style, colour, hover and formating.
4. Page alignment and width. (of sidebar and content)
5. div style and font
6. Post entry style and everything.
7. Footer, misc, etc.... (too many to list)
* no. 3 to 7 is all about page customization, I know a bit of html encoding so just tell me what you want and i'll get it done
* this plan sucks because the planner sucks
* suggestions on development or anything additional are mostly welcomed

Maintainer: Junni
Members: Tracy
(more will be added later)

Even though, I'm the maintainer, we are all on equal terms as I've set the setting to allow any members to post anything freely without going through a filter. It's only that, the maintainer is the only one that can alter the html settings and such.

Misusage from members is not appreciated though.

If you're interested or have any questions, just tell or ask me.

I have one problem with html encoding. I can't remove the annoying ads in livejournal personal accounts. Anyone have a clue?

Do you think It's about time i give out the site's URL? I mean, those snoopy 'spies' are out there somewhere, waiting to strike... Why I hesitated in giving out the URL? My answer: Simply because of the journal's content. As I have said earlier, I'll be posting my 'feelings' and I'm an ALL-OUT simple-minded (as in i don't think before I act) yaoi fangirl, commmonly known as fujoshi... (if you don't understand, just forget it)

Last but not least, please please please don't act dead. Interesting? Disgusting? Annoying? Bullshitting? ... At least tell me what you're thinking. Otherwise I would feel like a complete idiot for posting such a long shitty post that nobody reads.

Thanks for wasting some (more like a lot) of your time,

Junni (The emo-est emo kid alive)


eexin said...

hahaha..okay..count me in...i'm not TOTALLY emo...but yeah..i can help with the graphics...and my deep thoughts will contribute the site's EMO-ness...dont gimme too much work though...i might just get bored and eventually be a dead member...hehehe

Junni said...

Nah.. it's okay. i'm having in mind a side project for this.. maybe i'll make a emo quiz test... you know, to test your emo level.

Tracy said...


that section's all urs. sane ppl would keep those hormones under lock and key. (as are mine, nobody knows of them nyahaha)

qi yen said...

er, are u okay, junni?????

Junni said...

-untuk tracy-
really?! all mine! Thank you!! This means that I don't have to limit myself... it's 'torturing' you know since my hormones are like so OUT of control and plus they have master keys!

-untuk qi yen-
i'm perfectly fine, just feeling emo as always and i think slitting
my wrist is fine too.

mei ching said...

maybe i can help wth the lust part but need tracy to help wth d hormones tat can stimulate it. High time!

Junni said...

hey! anything but that. stay away from that section! tracy said it's mine! moreover, my kind of lust is way different from yours. yours might attract 'unwelcomed' peeple (i.e. perverts and polices)

mei ching said...

alrite! that section's all urs. im sane

Tracy said...

wat the heck....

Junni said...

back to the point (ignore the crap talking)... those who are interested, can you please state whether you want to be a member or help out only.

and... please add the community into your friends list? i'll be posting another post containing necessary infos soon.