Saturday, April 5, 2008

Qi Yen's turn =)

Junni: FYI, this is not a made up 'story' nor a prank, 1st of April's over. This is the genuine copy of our said innocent qi yen's Q&A. Why did i bold the word 'said'? You are about to find it out yourself. Anyway, she is in no way a victim of tag counterfeiting and i am NOT involved in the black market (though i might be one day.. who knows *ginned evilly*). So here it goes...

Qi Yen:
1. What is your favourite food?
rotten decaying mice covered in rich piping hot cockroach sauce. hmmmm. simply divine. hehe. just joking. i will always crave for beacon point's scrumptious cakes! blueberry cheese cake, anyone?

2. Have you given your first kiss away?
candidly, yes. i shared a deep passionate lingering kiss with my brother. only because i was 4 n had absolutely no idea what the hell i was doing by the way, my mom caught us " in the act"! she freaked out n cried the whole day trying to think of a way to break the news to my dad, you know, about how my bro n i have betrayed them n are planning to elope...........hiaz.....................i also like to kiss my soft toy turtle,SHELLY everyday.

3. if you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the three buddies you would take with you?
1. i will bring Mr. cheang along. then, i will use my cell phone to call james bond to drive his private jet over to come rescue me, leaving mr cheang stranded alone. this way, we will never have to do add maths homework ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

2. jessica n junni. so that they can give mr cheang their evil looks when we leave him on the island alone. isolated. away from civilisation.

3. chin. i desperately need her evil hyena laugh as a special effect when mr cheang begs for mercy. yo! this can be the latest james bond flick!

mr cheang: nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! dont leave me here! i got add maths homework to give u guys!!!!!!!! (sobs) i am just trying my very best to spread joy through blessing u with homework! is that so wrong????????? do u not appreciate me???

qi yen: Awwwwwwwwwwww. of course i appreciate u......dont pains me to see u like this.....NOT! in your dreams, mr cheang!

jess: ( the evil look) haha!!!!!!!!!! look on the bright side. if u get hungry, just climb that coconut tree la. also, u can make friends with robinson crusoe maaa.

junni: ooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!! i am soooooo loving this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( rubbing hands gleefully)
together: so long!!!!! papa cheang!!!!!

chin: ( how to describe her laughter aahh?) aaaaaaaahahahahaha! yyyyyyyyyahahahahaha! wwwwwwwwwakakakakaka!

PS: mr cheang, if u happen to be reading this, please do not be offended. im joking la. too streaa cause u give too much homework.

4. where is the place that u want to go the most?
the set of american idol. to meet michael johns n david archuleta! and simon cowell, of course. to ask him why he is being extra nice this year. he even gave compliments when a contestant croaked to him that "they were brothers till the end of time". and he smiled. a lot. i will bring jess along if she wants to come. hehe

5. if u can have 1 dream come true, what would it be?
to be the master of all universe n control time. this way, i will never have to graduate from mgs n can stay with u guys forever. i wont have to be afraid of losing u guys. i can also stay young forever!!!!!!!!!

6. do u believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
is this some sort of a trick question?????? or does this have something to do with the story of the rain god in literature???? and sacrificing children not for rain to fall but to see a rainbow????

7. what are you afraid to lose the moat now?
1. my 5s1 friends. i teasure them deeply from the bottom of my heart. losing anyone of then would be devastating. wors cannot describe them.

2. my family. i almost lost my brother when he was a baby. not even one doctor could figure out what was wrong with him until a miracle worker (doctor) stepped in to land a hand. thank GOD.

3. SHELLY. my soft toy turtle. my faithful companion during hardships. my comfort. my angel.

8. whatever happened to you, my friend????? did number 7 eat you?????

9. if u meet someone u love, would u confess to him/her?
depends. if i fall madly in love with a guy i will open up to him. if i fall in love with a girl, forget it. however, if i fall for my friend's boyfriend, i will stay out of it even if it kills me. no man can come between us. i will always try to avoid love triangles or even love rectangles. one thing is for sure. i ain't jumping off a building if my love life is down the toilet.

10. list out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
1 cute
2 adorable
3 potential killer

11. what is the one thing u likr about yourself?
my curves. (joking) guess i like being a left-hander.its my pride.hehehe

12. which type of person do u hate the most?
hypocrites n perverts

13. what is your ambition?
aiyo. dunno la. im losy. part time hip hopper. si that i can express my inner angst.

14. if u have fault, would u rather the people around u point it out or would u rather they shut up?
it's okay,guys. you can tell me if i've been a bad, bad girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15. what do u think is the most important thing in your life?
my TV!!!!!!!!!!! CONFESSIONS OF A TV ADDICT!!!!!!!!!

16 are you a shopaholic or not?
just drop me in the mph bookstore. HALLELUJAH!!!! i'm in heaven yollllll! i'm not a shopaholic. i am just a teenager wanting desperately to buy my stufffffff.

17. find a word to describe the person who tagged you.
bootilicious and sexy. watch out, justin timberlake!!!! junni is bringing sexy back!!!! she's bringing sexy back, yeah!!!!

18. what do you do when someone faints in front of you??
pour a bucket of iced water over the victim.

19. what makes you different?
1 junni says i am perky. not true
2 mei ching says i love homework. not true.
3 jess says i have superstrength. doubly not true.
4 i have an inner angst. very true.

20. when is your birthday?
the day neil armstrong landed on the moon. hehehe. no la. it's 5 august 1991.

lastly, i sincerely hope that u all have enjoyed yourselves immensely after reading this. i want to tag stephanie wong!
-end of qi yen's tag-

Junni: Get what i mean? Qi yen's the type that will strike unceremoniously. By the way qi yen, you better go get a life insurance or a bodyguard, or flee for refuge or whatever, because after reading your answer in question 17, you're in the top 5 of my 'people to be eliminated' list. If this is a normal forum whereby i'm an anonymous user, i would throw the 'f*** you' worlds at your face (aww.. how can i be so rude... don't be surprised, it's a common thing in forums). All in all, this inner transformation from bashful little girl to provocative malicious killer left me breathless....


Junni said...

Dear dear qi yen, don't deny it you're downright perky.

qi yen said...

i am so not!!!!!!!!!!!!! first u say i am a blood thirsty killer. now i am perky ke?????

qi yen said...

i am so not!!!!!!!!!!!!! first u say i am a blood thirsty killer. now i am perky ke?????

Junni said...

did i ever say 'blood thirsty'?? seriously, killer can mean anything... killer diseases, killer earthquakes, killer tsunamis, killer exams, killer profits, killer words, killer smirks, killer smiles, killer whales, killer bees, etc.. you sure are denying hard, aren'tcha. c'mon, just admit it for godness sake. even i, the psychotic crazy fangirl have already revealed my deepest darkest secret.. and cried in my gloomy emo corner after that.
fine fine, to please you, i'll grant the prospect of me being a ranting hopeless sarcastic arrogant cold-hearted totally-lacked-of-good-sense arbitrary oppressive foul-spoken burdensome sadistic bitch/bastard as valid. *let out a breath* satisfied? care to admit too?

Junni said...

oh.. and don't think you've escaped your cruel fate. i'm still going to carry out irreparable mutilations on you for question 17. take note that i will NEVER go back on my word... *snickering sadistically*

qi yen said...

to junni:you are not a bastard, bunny bunny, you r a cute radiant little bunny. hehehe. if you carry out illegal experiments on me, i will come back to haunt you. by the way, i'm changing answers for a question.

what do you like most about yourself?
answer: my humps

Jess said...

HAHA...the tags are getting funnier and funnier...i wanna go to the American Idol set too!!!

eexin said...

hahaha...junni, that was your DEEPEST DARKEST SECRET??? wasnt very dark..hahahaha

gosh...qiyen, i never knew the other side of yourself..kissing with your own bro, perky, now, blood thirsty killer??hahaha

Junni said...

-untuk qi yen-
ah hah!! caught in the act! every sentence of yours reflected perkiness. For Your Frickin' Information, biologically i'm am a HEALTHY HUMAN BEING not a damn stupid cutesy fluffy furball. Plus, how can you call a person who grows mushrooms in dark joyless bleak emo corner 'radiant'.
bout my ILLEGAL experiments, don't need any authorisation. why the hell do you think it's ILLEGAL if i need to wait forever for approval?!
Lastly, you want to haunt me? go ahead. if you're lucky, i'll ignore you (cos i don't believe in ghost). if you're unlucky, i'll exorcise you, then you'll be DEAD as a ghost. Who knows what'll happen to exorcised ghosts. since they're already dead, they'll go to heaven? hell? black hole? toilet? ------? ------? (insert own creativity to figure out where will they go)
(note - i am an excellent ranter)

-untuk eexin-
it was very very dark you know, to me at least. question 9 made me bash my head against the table repeatedly. and right now, reminiscence of the same confession only make me bang my head even harder. *aww.. it's painful*

qi yen said...

okay jess jess!!!!!!! its settled then. on the day of the finale, we shall both sneak into the american idol set!!!! i call us, the invaders! muahahahahahaha!!! we will crouch in the darkest corner. when the time comes, we shall ambush simon the cow n ryan seacrest, the so-called best friends........( emo laugh + the chin laugh)..... dress up like them n take their places!!!!!!yes yes yes!!!!!hehehe>>> u be simon n i will be ryan, kay? to evade arousing suspicion in the set,we will insult each other as much as we can.

eexin said...

whooaa...gosh...i think the american idol ppl are on the lookout for both of u...u guys as simon cowell and ryan seacrest??..totally not going to be convincing...but still..any chances of me tagging along??..or you'd rather not have me there? =(

>>junni...hahahaha...dun bash ur head against the wall..go jump down the building instead..since its SO DARK...i've got a new mission now..go find out junni's latest love interest...maybe i'm gonna check out forums...

Junni said...

seriously *passed lie detector test*, i have no damn clue who the hell are simon and ryan. all i know is that they're guys *duh-ed myself* and might be gay (so out!). sigh... maybe i should google american idol too.. saya macam katak dalam microwave saja la (see! i pay attention during bm lessons, woohoo..)

-untuk eexin-
jumping down a building? oh-ho-ho, plans are all arranged systematically. i just have to wait until i enter stage 5 of my addiction to begin operation. right now i'm in stage 3, pretty close huh...

lydia said...

wah liao.. juz din cum for 1 day.. the comments here hv becum an english conference.. the words u all used especially miss junni.. hv to check dictionary leh.. but i'm juz tooo LAZY.. lol

Jess said...

Oh my goodness..haha..i've no idea where this conversation is going to now!! HAha..what's with junni and jumping down a building??

money aka qi yen hehe said...

i think i can answer ur question, jess. junni is having thoughts of jumping down from one of the petronas twin towers. reason:
her love life is shattered into a million pieces, for the love of her life, vanished ever so suddenly, gone with the howling wind, into the evil darkness. muahahahahahaha.

eexin said...

>>>JUNNI, when you entered stage 5 of the addiction, call me...hahaha..u're more serious than me eh...i was just stuck at stage 1...most i got to was stage 2,probably...but yea..rmb to call me...i would really like to stand there, watch and laugh...who izit, really??..there are so many characters in d-gray man..!!..and HAHAHA..u dunno who is ryan and simon??!!..come out of your emo corner, for goodness sake...*pulls junni out*

>>BOBO,'ve no idea what's going on here, do you??..that's what happens when you're too busy doing your homework to come to the back of the class and talk during free wont understand if i tell you,'s our obsession and love for 'ficitonal' you think we're freaks...

Junni said...

my love life never did shatter, vanish, fly away with the damn wind, and settle in the whatever darkness.. for i have no life, i've dedicated myself to growing the best mushrooms in my 0.0001 acre emo corner (1 acre is about 45 square feet if i'm not wrong). Edible poison mushrooms anyone? (gaya bahasa - paradox, contoh: edible poison mushrooms)

Junni said...

-untuk eexin-
*clings tightly to pole while being pulled by eexin* No.. not until i've finished cultivating my newest ultra super rare deadly mushroombane.

beep beep! i think i've just entered stage 3.5

Anonymous said...

3.5 only???? that is hardly defined n considered a worries, bunny's mental condition is stable...

Anonymous said...

hypothesis: fierce sparks r flying amongst them. romance is in the air.

fixed variable: the presence of my seatmate n tracy in an enclosed dark room.
manipulated: their level of seduction
responding: the level of displayed affection
conclusion: i am just joking

Junni said...

qi yen.. you're freaking me out.
your vocabulary is sickening. i kinda felt sorry for tracy. please qi yen, don't abandon control of your active erupting inner angst (more like inner pervertibility)

qi yen said...

this is not my inner angst. not at all. i speak nothing but the truth.

Junni said...

hmmph... you've so failed the lie detector test.

sokwai said...

i wonder, how much time i spent on reading the long-winded comments... but anyhow, it was funny to read the comments esp the part when junni listed out the whatever 'killer' thing... haha...

to eexin, i also have no idea hu on earth are simon and ryan... haha

sokwai said...

the number/ frequency of junni's comments show how much time junni spends for online... haha

Junni said...

sok wai's statement's so damn true, i literally online 24/7. sigh... it's so sad. instead of studying whatever subject, i spend so much time talking crap. I'M HOPELESS! SOMEBODY KILL ME!!

Anonymous said...

level of seduction high. therefore, the hypothesis is accepted.

Junni said...

just as we are about to change this ridiculous subject once and for all, a damn anonymous user JUST couldn't resist bringing this damn topic back of all damn things in the damn world. whoever you are (qi yen, is that you?), INTO MY 'PEOPLE TO BE ELIMINATED' LIST!!

qi yen said...

oooooooooooooooi!!!!!!!!!!!! its not me la.

qi yen said...

but i think i might know who the anonymous is..............

Junni said...

spit it! who the heck's that?!

Jess said...

and so with those words..the conversation came to a rest.


qi yen said...

its amazing what april 6 to april 19 did to this commenting section..........from junni's sarcasm n killer instinct to a very amused jess........
sorry jess, ahem.....let us recall the ending of this post once again.

QI YEN said...


Junni said...

whatever will happen next? i'll tell you what will happen. A homicide of a very perky pixie/bunny fancier will be committed by a very emo person in a very very bloody perky-free manner

Anonymous said...