Monday, March 24, 2008


This blog needs a's been in a coma since the 29th of the blog has come back alive!

To you guys who have not given up on the blog...i salute u for your patience!! Okay..sorry, going way off the topic..

Sports Day preparations are getting underway's only a mere 4 days away as i'm typing OUT CAPTAINS!! Haha..i think i quite enjoy cheering on my house even though i may look like a stupid fella..even teacher said she should have entered me in high jump seeing the way i was jumping for joy when a Crosby girl managed to clear the pole. but haha..don't worry, i won't go to Glenna's extent..haha (to the uninitiated, Glenna screamed and ran AND gave GLENDREA a 100plus drink..)

Yeah..i'm sure you're rolling your eyes right now..

hmm..what else..homework load has reduced now..i'm glad..but i'm yet to receive the 33 questions of i'm just enjoying life now while it lasts..

I have tennis competition yeah..don't miss me ppl although i doubt you'll be checking this blog during the weekdays..

A short one for now...i'm out!

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eexin said...


i think you should be the one who should post more in the class blog cos u dont have a blog mah....