Saturday, April 7, 2007

LTC 2007

Since i'm so terribly rajin and so kind hearted to share with all of u what happened during the camp..still got tons of add math work and that ESSAY which i don't know how to do!!! but i digress.

What: Leadership Training Camp 2007
Where: Harvard (right...) Country and Golf Resort (??)
When: 6th to 7th April 2007

Moving on, the camp was well..ok lar..we started out on Fri (6 April) at 7 something, or maybe later than that? but was pretty bright. so there we were waiting like this.

and like this.. the bus, watching movie, everyone having fun and all that...and to cut the long story short..we reached..yipee!!! for the prefects, we stayed in the dorm while the librarians stayed in the bungalow. This is how the dorm looks like..
and i dunno why, those fellas no IQ or what..they arranged the bed with the ladder sandwiched in the middle of the 2 beds so like my bed, there's no ladder to climb dumb lar..

My bed, with someone's leg on it...see there's no ladder at the side..

Sorry i didn't get pics of the most important part of the LTC, the activities..we did stuff like station games, where there are 5 stations. mostly involved physical contact. carry ppl a can imagine la..haha..we form fours also organised a game to kill time before the activity. pics to follow..
The game, carrying ur fren game (for lack of a better word)..haha...i was the managed to escape..

I think sin yee was threatening to throw me in the pool..yes, i was THAT mean..

Well..we were all having fun when...4 ( i think) accidents happened. 3 librarians and 1 prefect were involved. It's a long story and i won't elaborate much. so that pretty much happened lah..yah..well, i wouldn't say it's my fault la cz i warned them..but anyway..that kinda spoiled the fun..

The activity for the day..was the station games as i had stated earlier in my post. There are 5 stations,
  1. The king finger -where u had to remove 3 tires from a 3 meter pole and put it back again
  2. All aboard -some swinging game (imagine tarzan and jane) and it is not easy..esp when we had to squeeze all 24 of us in this small perimeter..haha
  3. Hole in one- There is this big tyre, and is hung from a considerable distance from the ground and u r supposed to got thru it without touching the tyre (yeah..impossible)
  4. Spider web- similar to the hole in one but this time we had to go thru a hole made out of the patter from string (dun even noe what i'm talking abt) this is very hard to explain lahh
  5. Balancing beam (help! i can't rmb the name!!)- the group divided, 12 ppl to one balancing beam (there are 2) 6 on each side. and they have to cross each other. that's the station games and guess whose group won..*drum roll please*..MY group!! jamie also lah..

The happening Group 4

hmm..the food wasn't that great lar..always spicy stuff..but it was edible..this is what we had for lunch on fri.

The Talk
* snores peacefully* yup..u get the idea..BORING..dunno suddenly he asked beh, zalia, weng yee, ee xin, glenna and i to dance in front of everybody (with the libriarians also, ask zhi ying). weird..dunno what on earth is he talking la..talking abt mat rempit, showing all those disgusting pics of the mother giving birth or the brains spilling out of the mat rempit's head and what not. crazy la..

The night activity
The librarians had some games for the form 5s, but it didn't turn out that well cz of time constraints. So for us prefects, each of us are assigned to write a note for a form i got hoo kah yan. hehe..too bad we couldn't bring candles and burn up the place!! *evil laugh* it was late already basically chatted till morning..haha

Next day's activities
As usual, didn't get enough sleep throughout the nite (i only have myself to blame)..but anyway, we had 3 activities to do in the morning.
  1. Flying Fox
  2. Repelling (?) help me out here ppl..
  3. Catwalk - Balancing on this skinny balancing beam and is well, 6 meters above the ground?
Yeah..i only managed to do the repelling, where u climb down a wall using a rope..sounds easy? NOT. but it was a fun experience..pity i dun have pics to show, unfortunately, but i will post them if i come abt some..

Didn't get to do all cz..basically it was poor group was supposed to do the flying fox first, but it was the slowest and so i did repelling, after that. sit and wait. Some lucky ppl got to do all..

So, basically it was quite fun lah..bonding with ppl i to do the repelling thing which was fun, but should've tried others too..oh well, it was a fun experience lah..

phew, I'm done! you all better appreciate this man!

Signing off,


MeToy said...

whoa jess~! i love you!! u contribute the MOST to this blog! nice post bout LTC =)

lydia said...

MOST eh?!! hehe mmg pun betu1.. our class blog not dat A-LIVE after all..